History circling back upon us!

I just received this email this morning, and it clearly looks like what’s becoming another alternate reality game revolving around Halo 3.


The gears of the Universe spin further
and further apart.
Ever greater grows the gulf between souls,
And distance gives false hope of safety
But for the grim tidings this messenger bears:

The enemy is almost upon us

Closing in from all sides,
Moving faster than the light
it snuffs with its passage,
Time echoes with the news of destruction.
History winding back upon itself.

Waves of an army march this way in unison, Suffering and corruption are its battle cries.
For I have known this darkness
and felt its embrace once before-
Horror best laid to rest

Yet a Journey must commence

Look for the signs, the keepers of the flame.
They will lead you to war, and perhaps, to victory.

While the fine folks over at HushedCasket have already built a fine summary of happenings to date, it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg if the “I Love Bees” ARG was any indication of what to expect.

That said, there could very well be a tip-off that comes in the form of an obscure, nearly-hidden detail in any Halo 3 related material (like the brief flash of a URL in a trailer). So, if ARGs are your thing, or you just missed out on I Love Bees, keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for clues!

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12 Responses to History circling back upon us!

  1. Pienaim says:

    Yea that looks really cool, when i first got it though i was very confused, I aws like WTF?!?!?!

    Then i realized there were links to H3.com so it clicked, i wonder what other hidden stuff is in it… hmmmmmmmm

  2. chuckiej says:

    Also, an apparent AI named Adjutant Reflex has been posting on B.net – it has an attitude!

    One brave poster said:

    Posted by: Durandal711
    We will be ready.

    Reply: You’re wrong. This time, no one will be ready.


  3. marooner says:

    AdjutantReflex is scary i mean what is the purpose of this sudden AI. It seems a bit wierd that it gave coordinates for voi or at least seemed to be coordinates. I’m just wondering if it means the site in the e3 anouncment vid becasue its in kenya…

  4. Kickimanjaro says:

    They (Bungie) must be having so so so much fun. I mean, what other company can send out emails like this and get so so so much hype. laggle

  5. tubaguhbluba says:

    ya, seriously. its just one little email, and people treat it as though Jesus himself sent it. I dont get how this advertises halo. if i didnt know what halo was and i got that email, i would have looked at it and would have been like “wtf?”.

  6. Kickimanjaro says:

    Tuba, it may not say it advertises halo, but people stare at it for a bit…then they see some “Haloey” stuff in it, and go to a forum. (The hype machine) And this is directed for people who play Halo, and for those who are interested enough to click some of the links at the bottom…

  7. CapnKrunk says:

    You obviously never took part in I Love Bees, I presume. The idea that another ARG is starting up just reminds me of the fun I had seeing that unfold every day.

  8. tubaguhbluba says:

    ooohhhhh. that would make sense :)

  9. Legendary Hooligan says:

    but wait is this about a whole new game? i didnt get into halo until after h2 came out, so i never really got into I love bees. but i did read an article that besides the trilogy and Halo Wars, there would be another game otherwise.

  10. chuckiej says:

    I think that’s impossible to know for a while.

  11. chuckiej says:

    I tried to but maybe not hard enough. I got lost somehow and never started following it again. Looking back, it seems like everyone had a lot of fun.

  12. marooner says:

    yeh i havent herd anything about a new game but i think there will be eventually.

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