Halo Unyielding is Out

It’s finaly out after a lot of work and effort. Halo Unyelding is here!!! Make sure to visit the site at www.halounyielding.com and download this amazing and revolutionary Halo Video directed by our Friend Laird with the help of his amazing Team John Webster and Matt Patterson.

What are you waiting for? Check this out now. Also be sure to share this with your friends… They will love it!!!

Check out the forums for more information and discussions about this great video.

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22 Responses to Halo Unyielding is Out

  1. Laird says:

    Thanks for the front page splash dial!

  2. Dialpex says:

    Hey that’s deffinately Front Page work right there dude.

    That’s awesome… Love it!
    Congrats Laird!!! Nice Job man.

  3. articlegfx says:

    Sweet, I’ve been waiting for this one.

  4. KIMO23 says:

    awsome guys! very nice work Laird. nice job with the one-liners too boys! lol.

    i love that it takes place in space, amazing job with the animation!

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Sweet! DLing now!

  6. QualityJeverage says:

    Fantasmatastical! DLing NOW!

  7. CapnKrunk says:

    Ensign Foo Mo! Private Dialpex! Report to the Bridge! On the double! ;D

  8. PurpleDemon666 says:

    Nice work dude. That was great

  9. Laird says:


  10. Stooch says:

    Can I have your autograph?

  11. DarkTucker says:

    awesome work no doubt but you need some voice actors:)

  12. Painkilla05 says:

    He has voice actors. Didd you hear “Your on sir!”?

  13. A Oompa Loompah says:


  14. BrentGamer says:

    The quality of Halo Unyielding is amazing. Laird and his crew did a really great job on this.

  15. jamj43 says:

    Man who ever gave that “Your on sir.”line is the best voice actor I have ever heard

  16. DarkTucker says:

    it was actually just how i pictured the space battles in the books :)!

  17. Laird says:

    I am glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Hazard says:

    I watched that it was cool i can’t wait till the next video!

  19. Killazilla says:

    Amazing.  What was the scale of the ships?  were they the same size as the models from the game or were they scaled down?  Great video.

  20. BigDaddy991 says:

    Sweet vid, guys!  I really enjoyed the animation and rendering for the exterior shots.

  21. Dialpex says:

    Yeah.. I recorded the “Sir…We’re grossely outmatched in our condition.” 100 times before i got it right… lol

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