Halo 3 terminals examined

If you’ve played your way through Halo 3’s campaign, you’ve most likely come across these terminals at some point in the game. Once activated, they display a cryptic set of messages that, unless you’re paying attention, might seem like utter nonsense.

As it turns out, member TheRussianKoLob has found all of the terminals and nabbed the achievement for doing so, but he’s also gone a step further by transcribing all the messages and information from these terminals, in an effort to piece together the story behind them.

As I have been going through the game to find all the terminals I have found that accessing the terminals is not just an achievement. It gives you a saved record of transmissions between two people. The first is Didact (D: ) and the second is Librarian (L: ). The transmissions are Fragments of transmissions that they sent to each other.

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