Forza 2 Demo and Car list Update.

For the Millions, and Millions of Forza 2 fans roaming the Podtacular forums. Here is some sweet information regarding the upcoming demo, and a new list of cars.

Here is the press release:

Hello Forza Fans,

We’ve spent the last several months telling you all about the incredibly deep and realistic features of “Forza Motorsport 2.” Soon you’ll be able to take the game for a test drive on Xbox LIVE Marketplace – the rumors this week of a downloadable demo are true, details on timing will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

From true Force Feedback to online tournaments, from Xbox LIVE Auction House to our unmatched Livery editor, “Forza Motorsport 2” will truly set a new standard for the racing genre. According to Game Director Dan Greenawalt, “Soon, gamers will get a taste of the raw horsepower the Xbox 360 game engine has provided as we redefine what it means to be a racing simulator with ‘Forza Motorsport 2.’ Whether it’s the hundreds of thousands of physics parameters captured from countless man hours taking track measurements and capturing car data to harnessing the power of the industry’s most advanced the neural-network search algorithms, non-linear and linear math models as well as AI simulation systems from our Microsoft Research Labs, we’ve turned mountains of real world raw data into a living, breathing racing simulator where the only difference between the game and reality is that you’re not risking life and limb when you hit a wall at 200 mph.”

As always, we have more to reveal from “Forza Motorsport 2’s” extensive car list as well. This week, we’re unveiling the aftermarket production cars in the game, with rare models including the Tommy Kaira Skyline from Nissan and the VeilSide Supra Fortune from Toyota. These souped-up favorites are sure to bring some spice to the track as they round out the game’s list of production cars – the full list below. Be sure to check out for the latest screenshots as well as this week’s Pitpass report featuring Dan and Che “geeking out” on car physics and realism.

“Forza Motorsport 2’s” May 15 release date is approaching fast and fans the world over have been responding in a big way! With pre-orders for the game on pace to double the original “Forza Motorsport,” please be sure to drop us a line with your editorial needs as this game quickly becomes one your readers are surely hungry to hear about.

List of Aftermarket Tuner Car Classics

Toyota: AB Flug S900 Supra Turbo (1998)
Honda: Aerogear Integra Type-R (2000)
Toyota: APR Performance Celica GTS (2003)
Audi: AWE Tuning SilverBullet S4 (2000)
Toyota: Border MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)
Chevrolet: Corvette Guldstrand Edition (2003)
Honda: Do-Luck NSX (1994)
Toyota: Do-Luck Supra (1992)
Nissan: Fairlady Z Custom Edition (2003)
Ford: FocusSport SVT Focus (2003)
Lexus: Foose Design IS430 Project Car (2003)
Dodge: Hennessey Viper 800TT (2000)
Mitsubishi: HKS Time Attack Evolution (2006)
Mazda: INGS RX-7 (1995)
Chevrolet: Lingenfelter 427 Corvette (2002)
Mitsubishi: MINE’S CP9A Lancer Evolution VI (1999)
Nissan: MINE’S R32 Skyline GT-R (1993)
Nissan: MINE’S R34 Skyline GT-R (2002)
Honda: Mugen Civic Type-R (2004)
Honda: Mugen Integra Type-R (2002)
Honda: Mugen S2000 (2003)
Mazda: RE-Amemiya RX-7 (1995)
Mitsubishi: Sparco Lancer Evolution VIII (2003)
Subaru: Tommy Kaira Impreza M20b (1998)
Nissan: Tommy Kaira Skyline GT-R R34 (2002)
Toyota: Tom’s T020 MR2 (1995)
Toyota: Tom’s W123 MR-S (2002)
Toyota: Tom’s Z382 Soarer (2002)
Toyota: Top Secret 0-300 Supra (1998)
Nissan: Top Secret D1-Spec S15 (2000)
Toyota:VeilSide Supra Fortune 03 (1998)
Toyota: VeilSide Supra Fortune 99 (1998)
Acura: VIS Racing Integra Type-R (2000)
Toyota: VIS Racing MR2 Turbo T-bar (1995)
Honda: Wings West Civic Si (2004)

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3 Responses to Forza 2 Demo and Car list Update.

  1. MyThIc3LiTe says:

    Wow, that is a lot of cars. I honestly think Forza 2 will do better than Gran Tourismo HD and even PGR4 (if it comes out, or has it been announced? I don’t know). I like racing games and this one has really got me hooked in anticipation.

  2. CrashWave says:

    I hope this does to the 360 what Forza 1 did to the Xbox in terms of racing…At least for me :)

    Can’t wait.

  3. CCx Sam says:

    someone call decode and make sure he is all right. after seeing this he probably had a heart attack ;)

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