Design an Elite faceplate CONTEST

For those of you who have the gift of “artistry”, here is a contest for you. SpaceGhost2K, a Microsoft MVP, and dedicated member of, has just added his very own faceplate contest.


Make a faceplate that is designed for a black 360. It doesn’t have to be black, but it has to feel like it belongs on a black Xbox more than a white one. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY MAKE THE FACEPLATE. Listing ideas like I did above, or photoshopping a picture won’t cut it. You have to actually upload or link to a picture of your finished faceplate. Also, you can’t pay someone to do the faceplate for you. If you’re a professional airbrush artist, that’s fine, but you can’t pay someone who is, to make your faceplate, and then submit it as an entry. You’re on the honor system here, but if you have a kickass faceplate, you’re gonna be pressured by other contestants to prove that you did it yourself.

Faceplates can be painted, putty applied and sculpted, model pieces applied, lights added that plug into one of the front USB ports… pretty much anything you want to do EXCEPT A SKIN. That’s way too easy.

At 12AM (Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time) on the morning of April 30th, I will make a poll featuring the faceplates. Only faceplates that are finished and posted will be eligible. In the event that there are more than ten entries, I’ll do multiple polls. The polls will remain open for one week, and will close at 12AM (Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time) the morning of May 7th. Multiple polls will require an additional week for a “vote-off.”

AWARDS: So far, I can offer as prizes, the codes for Xbox LIVE Arcade games Luxor 2 and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows. I will see what I can do about sweetening the pot between now and then (depending on the level of participation ).

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