Bungie releases official Bungie podcast episode… zero?

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It’s finally here! The first Bungie podcast. Apparently this isn’t exactly the first entire episode, but rather some practice interviews. But whatever, we love it. They talk about playlists, cheating, Halo 3, weapon and map design, tons of stuff. It’s just what we’ve been waiting for and we already can’t wait for more. Keep ’em coming, Bungie! What did you guys think of the first show?

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14 Responses to Bungie releases official Bungie podcast episode… zero?

  1. Painkilla05 says:

    Psh. Podtacular wannabes.

  2. Cowbel says:

    Hat is angered with the lethal competetors.

  3. KIMO23 says:

    do they have an itunes feed?

  4. jburton90 says:

    Thats just an example of more to come. Its not really a first episode if I recall.

  5. TFD says:

    ya what painkilla said

  6. Uhh Negative says:

    a couple days late but good job nonetheless

  7. longshot17 says:

    I enjoyed it and tought it was well done. However, I know lots will disagree with me but it doesn’t seem like too much play goes on on coagulation. By play I mean slayer games or objective games not the ride around lets have a good time games (granted those games are awesome). This is where I know lots of people will disagree, I hate big maps a lot. I used to hate waterworks and containment, it just seems to me that Halo plays better when done so on a small to midsized map (lockout, midship, hang em high).

  8. KickassMTNbiker says:

    Great Show!

  9. Algebra Cow says:

    It stopped early on me.

  10. Killazilla says:

    Agreed with Painkilla

  11. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Interesting!! Im sticking with Podtacular!

  12. Krnballerzzz says:

    Podtacular cant be out done in podcasts, not even Bungie. PODTACULAR FOREVER!

  13. ausomadam says:

    yeah i agree with you long shot im not one for big maps i wish they would just give more detail i mean come on ahhhhhhh.


    algerbra cow did you download it to a disk or something because one day i was downloadin bunch of songs to my psp and it ran out of room and i didnt relize it and the songs all played like 1 min it was weird 

  14. Lord hobo says:

    i thought it was allright

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