April Official Tournament Results

  • 1st Place: Team No Name Submitted with Ciclonic, Marksman911, and Mitch07.
  • 2nd Place: Team DrnK with Roman Craig, RldeTheShortBus, and Jonnysan.
  • 3rd and 4th place was a tie between Your Team and Team US featuring GLewis, Vote4JR, and plasma qrenades on the former, and DrThom, q Arson p, and T_InFeKtIoN_S on the latter.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who particapated! If you want to leave some feedback on an Official Tourney, please do so in the Tournament forum. Remember, the Podtacular Season is currently under planning, so if you want to get your two cents in, start a thread!

See you next time around,


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20 Responses to April Official Tournament Results

  1. Dialpex says:

    Congrats to the winners…
    Nice Job Guys… And specialy my boy Ciclonic… Great Job man… I knew you’d be there…
    Great Job and congrats to all Pro B players that represented us in this tournament. Unfortunately I can’t show up on saturday nights due to church responsabilities but i hope to be there on the next one.
    Also congrats to all that participated…!!!!! Great Job Guys..!!!!!!
    Go PoDtAcUlAr..!!!!!

  2. Cowbel says:


  3. hungry whexican says:

    nice job boys, i’ll try and be at the next one, couldn’t make it to this one because of the lady friend

  4. juice57 says:

    nice job you guys..

    whoever made the trofie great job

  5. immortalthree says:

    good job guys

  6. RusOmi7677 says:

    can we announce that pimps at sea came in first place of the losing teams yup yup couldnt keep us out of the tourney..what what..we won all games that was put in our way to stay in or out of the tourney that is until Glewis and his team showed up and beat us by 3 in a slayer game (still think there was something a lil fishy about that one :-” LOL naw it was fun congrats to all lets get this season thang started ……

  7. Megamanz3ro says:

    dont rub it in rusomni. ya we got owned by the winning team but we only lost to you by 2 and i hate YOU for that last kill.

    ……….Stick in My (Megaman Zero 3’s) Face.

  8. Sugar Daddie says:

    Congrats boys! I always belived in ya.

  9. KIMO23 says:

    who won, WE DON’T KNOW!! no but really congrats guys.  i got dibs on ciclonic for the next tourney.

  10. Marksman911 says:

    lol you wish next Tournament I’m hoping I can get my original team I had in mind but unfortunatly for me and ciclonic samanator had to go to Coasta Rica. Ciclonic or Sam if you read this PM me if you want to join up for the next tournament.

  11. Classicrockguy says:

    yo if anyone needs one extra guy for any future tournaments send me a friend request. and congrats to the winners

  12. plasmawashere says:

    hey winners “your team” won, just kidding anyway congrats and if anyone wants to be on plasma qrenades team PM me. Also dibs on me team name again.

  13. Painkilla05 says:

    Teh Pimp were rollin in their 98 gallions.

  14. Dialpex says:

    LMAO… Marksman thinks that this is his original Team… Ciclonic Samanator and Myself were playing together weeks even before you knew about this tourney… The only reason we didn’t play is because Sam had to leave to CR and i had a meeting for all the managers in my company and i had to attend. So ciclonic played with you guys… But just wait.. for the seasonal… Our team will come in full force and Effect..!!!!!

    Ps.. Plus masksman.. for wat i hear out there.. youre a modder?!?! what’s that about a level 50 clan or something…

  15. DrThom says:

    Woot! Only Rec person in top 3!

  16. Sgt Sharpie says:

    way to rep rec c thom! atta kid

  17. Dialpex says:

    Nice Job DrThom… !!! Go Rec Clans.. Representing… lol

  18. Marksman911 says:

    Yeah lol I was in a 50 clan with some buddys of mine and they didn’t mod – they boosted lol. Othewise Ive been a 41 before without cheating I had kept playing and ended up at around a 33 then lvled up to 35.

    P.S. – Oh and before I forget how did I go 27 and 2 on Lockout in the tournament if im a modder?

  19. Dialpex says:

    I really don’t care what you do about your level.. all i know that you’re not staying in Pro B.. we don’t accept any cheaters such as moddeers, standy byr’s, BOOSTERS, bridgers, etc…
    Also.. I’ve heard lots and lots of complaints about you talking smack to people on the tourney. That shows the great sportsmanship you have but it’s okay.. I was your age one day also, and i thought i was the big shizzl too… so just word of advice don’t talk trash to other people just because you went 27 and 2 on lockout. I bet many of us here have already done that plenty of times or even better. I recently went 39 and 4 on a custom game with Foo Mo and the guys on headlong with over 41 medals… wanna know what i said? Good game guys… i really lucked out being able to hold the sniper for so long.” Think its not true. There were 15 other people there that could testify including Foo Mo himself. My point here… don’t be so angry and stop harrasing people when you don’t know them.
    Thats it.


  20. KIMO23 says:

    …hehe…big shizzl.

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