As a registered member of Podtacular.com, you agree to certain terms and conditions and are expected to adhere to the following rules. This is necessary so that we can maintain a comfortable environment for all our members and guests alike. They’re pretty much common sense, and since we don’t speak legalese, here they are:

1. Everyone play nice.

If you pick fights or conduct yourself in an offensive manner, not only will you be ridiculed, but you’ll also be warned. And you’ll only be warned once. Harassing other members and posting hateful, slanderous, obscene or threatening content will not be tolerated and in certain cases is against the law. Posting insults and derogatory messages against a persons’ religion, ethnicity, beliefs, orientation, country or other personal criteria fit this. Low tolerance is given to such members, and will result in a permanent ban.

If you have a disagreement with someone, take it up in a private message. Flaming on the forums is not tolerated and all involved parties will be given a warning.

2. Mature content

For some of us, strong language might be a normal thing, but it might not be for others, so all we ask is that you don’t get carried away with it. The odd F%#*, or S&@# may be acceptable, but ONLY when used in a non-offensive manner. More then a few counts as excessive, and is unacceptable, as is using them as an insult.

Content or images containing nudity and/or sexual or excessively violent acts are unacceptable. If posted they will be removed. Depending on what the image was you may be given a warning. Any nudity and other severely graphic content is an instant ban.

3. Your privacy is important.

We only require a valid e-mail address to activate your account, reset your password and possibly notify you of new content and/or site announcements. This will not be shared with any third parties because we hate spam too. Any other information you volunteer may be published on the site, but you have the option to remove it at any time. We also ask that you don’t share personal information such as your address, phone number, etc. in forums, blogs or comments.

4. Spamming is not allowed.

By spam, we mean automated message generating bots and bogus accounts. This also includes making off topic or otherwise unnecessary posts that do not contribute to a thread. This includes forum posts, blog entries, comments and/or private messages, and will mostly likely result in immediately closing your account. No warnings.

5. Children need not apply.

By registering with this site, you agree that you are age 13 or older and do not hold this site or its’ staff liable for any exposure to mature language or other questionable material. We do our best to keep it clean, but there may be content that may not be suitable for children.

6. No hitting below the belt.

Attempting to hinder, modify or disrupt the operation of this site (including maliciously editing or deleting content) will not be tolerated. We log everything and any attempts to break or abuse the site will be investigated and may result in you being permanently banned and possibly reported to authorities.

7. Know these rules.

These terms and conditions may change without notice and all changes will be considered retroactive. So, by being a registered member, you agree to any changes even after the fact. If you have a question about something you’d like to post, feel free to check against these rules first. Podtacular.com, including its’ members, staff and administrators are all responsible for reporting any activity that violates or contradicts these guidelines. So please, if you notice or witness this sort of activity, please take a minute and let us know. If you have any objections or do not agree to any of these terms, please contact a forum moderator or administrator for more information. These terms and conditions can also be found at http://podtacular.com/tos