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Celebrating 15 Years of Halo Tonight

Today marks Halo’s 15th anniversary after launching in 2001 with the original Xbox. Back in 2011, 343 Industries held Halo Fest at Pax Prime, but today, they’re celebrating with a special anniversary Halo Livestream starting at 3:43PM PST. During the … Continue reading

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Halo Tricks Turns 10 Years Old

It seems quite a few communities got their start back in 2005 and we’re happy to see our friends over at Halo Tricks make their 10 year mark.  Halo Tricks got their start back in Halo 2, similar to us, … Continue reading

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Achieving Halo: Halo: CE – Pillar of Autumn

Welcome to the first installment of a new series hosted by Godzilla T: Achieving Halo.  In this series, You’ll learn how to get the most out of your campaign runs to earn achievements in a single run-through. Halo: CE – … Continue reading

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Half Off All Halo Soundtracks from Sumthing

In celebration of the Master Chief Collection, Sumthing, the independent record label for many major video game titles is having a 50% sale on all Halo soundtracks. The sale lasts through January 2015, so if you’re missing any one of … Continue reading

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More Achievements for The Master Chief Collection

On top of the mountain of achievements we’re getting for The Master Chief Collection at launch, 343 just announced that we will get 50 more achievements for a total of an additional 500 gamerscore.  The achievements will be coming out … Continue reading

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IGN Halo: TMCC Livestream VOD

Yesterday, IGN hosted a stream with Dennis Ries and Max Hoberman to discuss some of The Master Chief Collection and show off some live gameplay. We get to see some new features being added to it including killcams, weapon loadouts, … Continue reading

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Podtacular 447: Golden Master Chief

Amongst all the Halo news out this week from 343 and IGN, no one was probably more excited for anything but the announcement that the Master Chief Collection went gold and started hitting consoles as pre-order downloads this week.  Not … Continue reading

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