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Running From New Alexandria – The Significance of Jun’s Return to Halo

Perhaps the most potent corollary of Noble Team’s journey in Halo: Reach is the insidious feeling of absence which germinates during the course of the invasion, the nauseating compilation of genocide which mission after mission grew in intensity. The vacuous … Continue reading

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A Pale Horse With No Name – The Forgotten Beauty of Halo 5’s Trailers

The controversy surrounding Halo 5’s story seemed to draw in fans’ collective attention, leaving much of the marketing’s genuine passion woefully under-examined and overshadowed. Whether unfounded or not, it is clear that threaded and woven below the surface of the … Continue reading

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Halo 3: ODST Eight Years Later – A Retrospective Story Analysis

One of the strongest focuses of the Halo franchise is a depiction of war, the casualties and costs that come with a tense fight for survival brutally laid bare. Yet, somehow, it never exhibited its full potential when playing as … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy: An Exploration of Atriox and His Importance

In 2004, the critically acclaimed and widely anticipated Halo 2 released on the Xbox, hailed for championing in a new age of multiplayer arena shooters and a competitive environment which still sees inspiration from this classic to this day. What … Continue reading

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Dissecting the “Making of Halo 4” Video Documentary: Scoring System

Over the next few days and on our next podcast the hosts here at Podtacular are going to be breaking down the newly released video documentary / trailer that was released for Halo 4 this week. Look forward to our … Continue reading

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Pod TV: Halo Reach Multiplayer Trailer Analysis

Download (coming soon) Pod TV takes a look at the Multiplayer Trailer released last week from Bungie on the Halo Reach Beta. We got a nice look at some of the new features we will see in the Beta, including … Continue reading

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