Podtacular at PAX

PAX Prime
I made the arrival into Seattle last night and met up with Nak3d Eli to start our PAX Prime 2012 extravaganza. As you know, with Halo 4 right around the corner, there is going to be a lot of Halo 4 news that is going to be released: some of which got released last night in the latest bulletin. I will be putting up vlogs and videos over the weekend and so will some of the other big Halo YouTubers. Make sure you check out my roomie for PAX, Nak3d Eli over at his YouTube channel, and the channels of Bravo and Greenskull as we’ll be doing a lot of cross vlogging and videos throughout the event.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Lucky dude, have fun and hope u get to play H4. And can’t wait to hear more news >.</

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