Final Podtacular Decade Show

This Saturday, we will be having our final Decade show.  All of those long hours that you have spent listening to us ramble about the game we all love and care about is about to come to a close, but not to worry.  We are looking forward to this panel being as great, if not greater than our other panels.  We will be focusing on the multiplayer and other aspects of the Halo game, like Forge and Theatre.  There will be lots of big names there and as usual, will be broadcasted live at 7:00PM Eastern.

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  1. William Welch says:

    Hi awesome show, OK i think 343 should do a game based on Johnson like how his role played out in the games just a story based on Johnson would be awesome to even play as Johnson! But he wont be in halo 4 because of guilty spark!!!!!

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