Back from Hiatus


As you may have noticed, there’s been a lot of Halo news recently, yet we’ve remained pretty quiet here on the website and our podcast.  With less than two months left before the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, we’re looking to build our team here at Podtacular and ramp up content production for the website, podcast, streams and videos.  This summer has been a wonderful experience with all the conventions we’ve attended and we met a lot of Halo fans, but we also realized that our team is still too small to make the quantity and quality of content we would like to make.  While we’ve kept up with tweeting out news as it hits the internet, we’ve been unable, with the lifestyles of the current staff, to keep up with everything we feel you all deserve.

We mentioned a few podcasts ago that we would be looking for additional volunteers to help us out with Podtacular as a whole, and that opportunity has arrived.  We’ve opened up our application page to anyone who has an interest in Halo and would like to help fulfill our vision.  We are not looking to take over the kind of content you can get from our friends, but we are looking to do what we do best: highlight the latest Halo news and the best community content and personalities.  If you’ve had any experience with video editing, writing, graphic design, etc., we would appreciate your help and support.

The podcast will return this week on Thursday at 8:30PM EDT on Twitch.TV featuring Gus from Rooster Teeth and our Pax Prime 2015 recap. We have many exciting other podcast topics and guests that you can look forward to before the launch of Halo 5 and we hope that some of you may become part of our journey up to and through launch.

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  1. Gagnon30 says:

    Hiats? You guys worked your tails off between Pax, RTX and your most recent trip to Seattle! You guys earned a short rest!

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