Spartans For Troops Arena Tournament Play

This page is a supplement to the Info and Registration page located here.  Reminder that all players must be spectatable for the stream.

Pool Play

Teams will start the tournament in pool play, for one best of 7 series against each other team.  The top two teams to place in pool play will advance to the finals. The top teams will be determined by the most game wins and in the event of a tie, series win. If a tie still exists, KDA will be used to determined top two teams.  Pool play will progress as follows:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Group A – Red The HWM HellJumpers DJZ7 bus drivers
Group A – Blue bus drivers The HWM HellJumpers DJZ7
Group B – Red DJZ7 bus drivers Late Registration
Group B – Blue Late Registration Late Registration The HWM HellJumpers

Series will play as follows:

  • Game 1: Coliseum – Slayer
  • Game 2: Fathom – CTF
  • Game 3: The Rig – Strongholds
  • Game 4: Torque – Assault
  • Game 5: Regret – Slayer
  • Game 6: Eden – Strongholds
  • Game 7: Truth – CTF


The finals will be the best of 11 games with the following series using the existing criteria to determine ties:

  • Game 1: The Rig – Slayer
  • Game 2: Coliseum – CTF
  • Game 3: Empire – Strongholds
  • Game 4: Plaza – Slayer
  • Game 5: Truth – CTF
  • Game 6: Plaza – Strongholds
  • Game 7: Fathom – Assault
  • Game 8: Eden – Slayer
  • Game 9: Eden – Stronghol
  • Game 10: Fathom – CTF
  • Game 11: Regret – Slayer

Game Modes

Official Game Modes are on the file share of “POD Dust Storm”.  You must use these game modes when playing games.  Overtime game modes are also available in the event of a tie for any game.

Reporting Games

Report all pool play games here: