Review Frenzy: Heavy Weapon (XBLA)

GLewis and a bunch of others have teamed up to provide high quality game reviews from the Podtacular community. Schweet idea!

This review is by OnlyUPS and it’s about a new XBL Arcade game called Heavy Weapon, which is kind of like a side-scrolling space shooter except you’re a tank on the ground. Check it out!

Also, check out GLewis’ inaugural review of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

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3 Responses to Review Frenzy: Heavy Weapon (XBLA)

  1. Xnauth says:

    Awsome, now I might have to download that game.

  2. OnlyUPS says:

    thanks for the pluggage foo! :)

  3. Killazilla says:

    There’s a review for Rainbow Six: Vegas up now in the 360 section.

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