Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Optic Gaming: Royal 1

Optic Gaming is the reigning Halo world champions (formerly Counter Logic Gaming), and at the start of day 3, they are already set on second place and poised to defend their title. While the team warms up for their championship match, waiting to see who will rise out of the loser’s bracket to challenge their title, we sit down with Optic’s coach Royal 1 to see what sets their team apart from the rest and what they will need to accomplish to take home the title once more!

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Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Str8 Rippin

Str8 Rippin is a household name when it comes to competitive Halo and they are looking to make waves at this year’s Halo World Championship. Securing their spot in the top 4 teams, Str8 is poised to take their winning roster through the losing bracket to secure a win at the championship. While the Str8 lineup is very familiar, the newcomer Renegade is looking to secure his first tournament victory and chase down the world’s champion title. We are joined by Heinz, Ace, Renegade and Clutch from the team as we conclude day two of HaloWC 2017.

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Podtacular Special: HaloWC 2017: Team EnVyUs: Elumnite

Team EnVyUs was made for one main purpose, take down the reigning Halo world champions Optic Gaming (formerly Counter Logic Gaming). Behind this star lineup of talent is their coach Elumnite who has helped lead the team through getting knocked down to the loser’s bracket after their first match in the winner’s bracket with three back-to-back series without dropping a game. They have bonded as a team leading up to worlds this year and they are looking to bring their best to the table for championship Sunday!

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Podtacular 573: Three Scarabs

Guess who finally finished the campaign and who’s ready to start talking Halo Wars 2? With the lull in this week’s studio and community news, we are ready to sail into spoiler territory. For now, we take a look at first impressions from the hosts and our community joining us live on Twitch.

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Halo: Community Update – Burn Baby Burn

This month, Halo Wars 2 is receiving its first major changes and a brand new character, an ex-Insurrectionist named Morgan Kinsano. Revealed during a PAX East live-stream (much thanks to Chief Canuck for uploading the entire segment), Kinsano will have brand new units and leader abilities such as a Flame Warthog, a Hellbringer drop pod ability, and Morgan’s legendary unit, her own flamethrower-equipped Cyclops. Kinsano is a DLC leader and will be available to those that own the Season Pass. In other Halo Wars 2 news, a major patch has been dropped, addressing a number of fan complains about units like Sentinels. Plenty have been altered and you can peruse the article itself to view all of the pivotal changes.

Of course, there was plenty of other news tidbits, such as a ton of content from the PAX East stream like concept art, and some details on the state of Halo 5 and the HWC Finals. All of that and more can be viewed at your leisure on HaloWaypoint.com.

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Podtacular 572: Halo’s Patch Tuesday

While Dust Storm is still struggling through the Halo Wars 2 campaign, patches are coming out this week for both Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 and mostly for multiplayer. Forge possibilities continue to expand, unit balances across the entire Halo Wars 2 experience and a new radar being tested for Arena multiplayer are some of the highlights. Pax East is also this weekend where the team from 343 and Creative Assembly will talk about the story making process for Halo Wars 2 and some upcoming DLC.

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Podtacular 571: Welcome Back to the Ark

Halo Wars 2 is finally out and brings the Halo saga back to the Ark, the Halo making machine we left at the end of Halo 3. After nearly 28 years, the Spirit of Fire crew wakes up to a new Covenant-based faction. We’ll dive into the story in another podcast, but for now, there’s lots of events heading up to the launch of Halo Wars 2 to get caught back up on.

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