Xbox One Returns to Original Sharing… Sorta

Xbox One: Sharing Digital Games and Gold

Yesterday, Major Nelson posted over on his blog a summary of an article written over on Xbox Wire about some of the Xbox Live Sharing and Gold features coming to the Xbox One in just three months. It sounds like Microsoft is bringing back some of the features people wanted to be kept in from the original set of features announced at the Xbox One press briefing that were taken out shortly after the E3 briefing. While we anticipated Microsoft slowly integrating the original features back in the service, the posted article does still leave some blurry lines on what exactly can be done but here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

  • Any digital game purchased can be played by anyone on your home console.
  • You can play any digital title you own on any Xbox One around the world.
  • Any digital game purchase on a non-home console will be available on your home console for anyone to use.
  • For your home console any member can utilize your Gold member features, including multiplayer and entertainment apps, without having to have your Gold member signed in.
  • On non-home consoles, as long as one Gold member is signed in, all other members can enjoy Gold member access.
  • You can be signed into Xbox One and Xbox 360 simultaneously without being logged off either console.

Taking away from this list, there are two big points we are sure of. First, as long as one Gold member has claimed an Xbox One as their home, anyone that signs into that console can enjoy Xbox Gold features. Second, Any digital game purchased on your account is playable by anyone on your home Xbox One or another Xbox One while you are signed in.

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