Whoa, JVB and CapnKrunk have their own podcasts?

In case you didn’t know, some of the guys at Podtacular have been doing their own things these days, and are kickin’ butt at it.

CapnKrunk is actually the creative director behind PIQ Magazine, entertainment for the rest of us. It’s the successor to the very popular Newtype anime magazine, but this time including more entertainment that geeks like us get into. Issue 1 recently came out and features stuff about Appleseed Ex Machina, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more. They have a great podcast that’s just getting started. Go have a listen!

JVB has started his own podcast as well called the Post Game Report or PGR. He’s already on episode 10 and gets the community involved with the show. They talk about the latest happenings in the gaming community and have a different guest on each week. Check it out!

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6 Responses to Whoa, JVB and CapnKrunk have their own podcasts?

  1. Dust Storm says:

    Go Capn! I didn’t know the first issue was out yet. Gotta check that out.

  2. Chasesaw says:

    I see… I’ll have to subscribe to these on iTunes..

  3. Master_Podtack says:

    big time dude!

  4. Uchiha Of Thunder says:

    I got all of JVB’s off iTunes… they’re great but he inturupts a lot, and I like the Mario “beat” that were the intro music in episodes 4 and 5… dum-ba-da-dum-ba-dum…. Why did JVB take it off? anyway, when I’m not doing my school, and not owning with my bro on CoD 4, I’m listening to the post game report. (Mario beat begins…)

    Hey JVB, can you send me that Mario “beat” in a mp3 or mp4 file???


  5. kbcmmm7667 says:

    I already subscribe to the Post Game Report and yesterday I saw PiQ in Boarders! I was so excited. It’s a great magizine. Nice job JVB and Krunk!

  6. CapnKrunk says:

    Awesome! Thanks for checking out the mag and be sure to spread the word!

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