Welcome to Noble Team

The Microsoft marketing gods have graced us with yet another trailer for the forthcoming release of Halo: Reach. This time however, it’s in sweet, sweet CGI and live-action goodness for you to enjoy. Before you press on to see the video please take note that the video follows Noble Team leader, the Spartan-III, Carter.

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5 Responses to Welcome to Noble Team

  1. The Gamer28 says:

    I saw this on T.V. last night, the first time it aired! It was awesome!!!

  2. Maximo Notts says:

    Meh, its just a plug.

  3. pkmnmasterindy says:

    Odst ones were better.

  4. Dust Storm says:

    I have to agree with pkmn on this.

  5. The Gamer28 says:

    I also have to. This one was pretty cool though!

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