Website Downtime

Some of you may have noticed what Podtacular has been down for two days. Please note that it was not something we did. DreamHost, our hosting provider for the site experienced a Denial of Service attack to their DNS which affected the databases that most of the sites hosted my them run off of. If you want more information behind the occurrence, please check Due to the downtime, we will not have a podcast this week, and will pick it up next week for Customs and Creations.

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12 Responses to Website Downtime

  1. Painkilla05 says:

    <3 krunk

  2. Uzumaki15 says:

    It probably a good thing Customs and Creations is next week since the new maps come out for HW:LE buyers.

  3. 2cool4skool says:

    You dudes had me scared for a while :(

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