Waypoint Shows Us A First Look at Halo 4

Waypoint released their first behind the scenes look at the development of Halo 4. This includes a video that has been put up on YouTube and Waypoint. There are lots of little tid-bits in the video to take away, which we will be discussing tonight in our podcast. The key points that people will probably take out of this video are the changes they’ve made to Master Chief and his armor, the changes to the returning Battle Rifle, and the two multiplayer maps shown: Warhouse and Wraparound. We’re bound to see more news throughout the day, so stay tuned as we aggregate all the info.

In the meantime, Kiki Wolfkill was interviewed over at Game Trailers where we learn that Halo 4 takes place 5 years after the end of Halo 3. The game’s release is also marked for Holiday 2012, so it will probably be the best present you’ll get this year.

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    Looks amazing!

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