The Eight Halo Multiplayer Maps Making their Xbox Debut

H2DistrictIf you think you’ve played every single Halo multiplayer map, but you’ve never touched the PC side of Halo, then you haven’t quite played them.  Among the six new remastered maps for Halo 2 Anniversary, eight maps exclusive to Halo: CE and Halo 2 Vista for PC are making their way to Xbox One in The Master Chief Collection.  Six maps from Halo: CE including Death Island, Danger Canyon, Infinity, Ice Fields, Gephyrophobia and Timberland and two maps from Halo 2 Vista including District and Uplift will make great additions to the multiplayer sandbox.  One of the maps may be familiar to fans who played Halo: CE Anniversary’s Ridgeline, which was a remake of the original Timberlands.

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