Strolling Through Stonetown

sdcc-2014-halo-2-anniversary-zanzibar-power-madWe’ve already seen a few snippets of video from the upcoming map Stonetown, the remake of Zanzibar, but today we have another walk-through video from IGN with Max Hoberman from Certain Affinity.  As one of the staple maps from Halo 2, not much needed to change as Max explains, but there are a few new tricks added to this map to help avoid camping control spots and, of course, it looks gorgeous.  A few new jump-ups gives a little more freedom of movement, the gate button is forgeable like other H2A interactive elements we’ve seen thus far, there’s a man-canon up to the sea-wall on the other side of beach spawn, and there’s a new bridge from the base to the wheel that behaves similarly to the wheel bridge.  If you’re looking for one-sided objectives, this is the map for you.

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