Sony’s equivalent to Natal: PlayStation Eye

At the Develop Conference in the UK, Sony has revealed more features of their PlayStation Eye, and how it does face recognition and skeleton movement detection. In fact, a lot of the features they are showing off are very similar to that of Natal announced at E3 2009. Now there’s been a little news here and there about it, but it’s interesting to see the developments of both products being very similar, or the same. More at Joystiq

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10 Responses to Sony’s equivalent to Natal: PlayStation Eye

  1. Samus 117 says:

    Now the question is which one will be higher quality.

  2. tylerthet3 says:

    I argue this is even more interesting.

    It is a synopsis of the Title Update coming in August.

  3. TheSlayerMayor says:

    Yeah i saw it at E3. Looked like a takeoff of the Wii remote. I think natal will sell better because it will come with the system from now on.

  4. tylerthet3 says:

    To the OP, I think it shall be interesting who wins the “non-controller” war.

  5. razza 119 says:

    who really cares imagin tryin 2 play halo 3 without a controller

  6. Gemini Ace says:

    Is the Eye Sony’s equivalent to Natal or is it the other way around. PS Eye came first.

  7. ChuckieJ says:

    And Natal is stereoscopic.

  8. moose0030 says:

    I still think Natal is further/farther ahead of the PS Eye because Natal recognizes the whole body and is stereoscopic.geez I had to look that word up. it means it tracks 3D depth. Sony’s just seems like they’re trying to do too much with their wand and the eye. They should just choose one like waggly wand (Nintendo) or Camera Tracking System(Microsoft)

  9. Soccersac says:

    Wait what this sounds alot like idk the wii

  10. liltom says:

    just so people know the idea for natal came way before the Eye. Natal has been being worked on since 2006 or 2007. the Eye started in 2008 or 2009

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