Society of the Ancients

After yesterday’s e-mail about looking for “signs” and “keepers of the flame” it looks like things are starting to pick up a notch with new findings.

First, there have been some developments at, which the links in yesterday’s e-mail were presumably meant to drive people to. There you can find a new comic, specifically at

Then, a new web site called The Society of the Ancients was found, which clearly shows new evidence with the symbol above AND a link to a new URL.

This URL was also found in the last page in the Halo comic (that also show both the repeating symbol) as a series of numbers, which when translated into URL form lead to

At this address, there’s a countdown leading up to some time next week. It looks like that could be the reveal of something even deeper.

Also, I’ve created a special group just for this here at Everybody’s welcome to join and take part in sharing their ideas, links, etc.. Time to put on your foil hats and watch all the pieces come together!

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  1. toowicked4u says:

    Oh, man…sign me up. I’ve poked around a few ARGs in the past, but this would be the pinnacle.

  2. Legendary Hooligan says:

    i dont get it

  3. QualityJeverage says:

    The comic is interesting. That might disprove the common theory that the Forerunners were humans. If Humanity was already here, and was in fact disturbed by the Forerunners, that would change things…

  4. NamesTwister says:

    I’m guessing that once the timer runs out the the first server on will be unlocked.

  5. toowicked4u says:


    Okay, I poked around the HTML in the website, and found a link to their membership application commented-out in the code:
    I’ve tried mailing the address contained in the application (, but just keep getting bounce-backs.

    The question in the address, “Do You Grok” refers to the book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein…it’s a Martian word meaning literally “to drink” and metaphorically “to be one with” ([url][/url]).
    On a hunch, I’ve tried answering the question in the form of an email (, iamfrommars@…, StrangerinaStrangeLand@…, etc.) , all produce bounce-backs so far.

    Further digging on the PDF membership application shows it’s auther to be “Nadege.decastro” (that email bounces too, BTW). The name stinks of anagram, but I can’t see what it might be yet.

    Still looking for clues, but will keep posting back whatever I find.

    UPDATE: you guys might want to check on the ARG forums over at [url][/url]. Looks like a bunch of the guys over there already found the stuff I did, and more.

    BTW, NamesTwister, coincidentally I’m wearing that LMAO shirt RIGHT NOW!

  6. Dust Storm says:

    The countdown goes to Wednesday, June 20, 5:14 AM CST. Who knows what it could be.

  7. CapnKrunk says:

    Lookie here, this actor’s Myspace blog seems to have been compromised ;)

    Could he be our new “[url=]Dana[/url]”?

  8. Duffman X18 says:

    Odd indeed. Maybe it’s an ARG for the Halo 3 movie?

  9. CapnKrunk says:

    There is no Halo 3 movie.

  10. CapnKrunk says:

    Apparently the countdown on that site hits zero next Wednesday at midnight, which is the first day of summer. Could that be what this means in the PDF?

    [quote]Membership reviews usually happen on the first day of the new lunar cycle.[/quote]

    I’m gonna fill out the application for real and send it in, see what results I get.

    Oh, and what do you think of these anagrams for Nadege decastro?

  11. Duffman X18 says:

    My bad. I meant the Halo movie. There were rumors going around that it might be starting back up again.

  12. CapnKrunk says:

    And another Myspace user blog, apparently someone working with SOTA

  13. Duffman X18 says:

    It’s the KGB all over again!!

  14. ClownX says:

    BTW, on the PDF, Aaron Elliot. T.S. Eliot wrote The Hollow Men, in which the last line is “This is the way the world ends.” Sounds familiar? :)

  15. smarmythatguy says:

    i looked at the anagrams and a few kinda jumped out. what do you think?

    A Great Seconed (maybe a gravemind reference)
    a decagon desert (i thought the arc had 10 arms, it has 12 but…)
    data encodes erg (erg is an energy measuring unit. relevance??? just a shot in the dark)
    A staged encoder (more pessimistic than the rest but you have to look at both sides)

    there were soooo many anagrams my eyes hurt after a while, but it was fun to look. I missed out on I love bees so this is really new to me.

  16. Marine3000 says:

    My side on this is that its either some random person trying to screwe wtih us ( and if so its totally working) or someone from an organiszed group trying to screw with us. But i believe that when the countdown ends something either really good or something horibly horibly wrong will happen to anyone who likes halo. OR it could just be nothing. Id rather have the latter.

  17. Marine3000 says:

    Oh ya just for the heck of it i was doing some “research” on the topic. Just googled the name. nd found a few sites. If you try to take the name Adjutant Reflex as a GT it says its taken but if you try to send a friuend request it says the name dont exist??

    Some possible inside ties with the poem mass email thingy:

    When we distance or self further out in the universe seeking power and resources. some “gods” would try to limit how much power we have. A way so that some entitie or entities dont get to a point where they could overpower the gods.


    It could possibly mean a big fantastic four “all that we know is at an end”. It could be a sign that humans have been around to much with wars, betrayels and unholy acts. We all know that the humans have turned the world into a **** hole because of our “brilliant technology”. ya right. We pretty much have screwed up alomost everything we touch.

    But im still talking about the game. I dont believe that there a masses of enemies coming to Earth. Unless… no no not now not the right time

  18. Marine3000 says:

    Wait “the first seeds are scatterd.” this cant mean possibly that this is some sort of virus of some sort

  19. John Wayne 119 says:

    I Think The “Seeds Are Scattered” May Be Referring To the Mass Email

  20. chuckiej says:

    The web comic was really cool. This should be a great adventure.

  21. lilkuke says:

    I’m confused… can someone fill me in? I’m not exactly the most knowledgable guy of the Halo storyline… make fun of me all you want. ;) But I need someone to fill me in…

  22. smarmythatguy says:

    the reason the GT is not working is because of a hoax that’s been “confirmed” or so it’s been said. one of the links above will get you to i think “” or something and it’s in the “dead ends thread”

    and Lilkuke the assumtions now are that AR is a monitor (like Guilty Spark in Halo 1) not an AI (like Cortana) and something is going to happen on the 20th at midnight. it might have something to do with the new locked serve icons at My bet is whatever is going to happen will start there, or at least be tied to it

  23. B100D WARRI0R says:

    people are speculating that there are 5 days until the 21st and 5 servers
    everyday 1 server will…be back up or come online

  24. B100D WARRI0R says:
    you that site is also telling us that AR is in hibernation until the end of 5 day’s right

  25. ClownX says:

    I’m pretty sure Adjutant Reflex is a Forerunner AI construct. Its grammatical structure is extremely similar to Guilty Spark, and Penitent Tangent. Could it be 16807 (7^5) Adjutant Reflex? Only time will tell.

  26. tubaguhbluba says:

    i wonder what those servers are on and what could that darkened out shape be? anyway, i always thought that the humans were the forerunners, because guilty spark always refers to humans as reclaimers, and to be a reclaimer you would have to do saomething again, like activating halo again. but now i dont think the forerunners are the humans, so who could they be?

  27. lilkuke says:

    What is AR?

  28. Duffman X18 says:

    Adjutant Reflex

  29. XBLM poodles19 says:

    wat the fluff is an ARG??? yeaaaaa…noob i kno…=p

  30. i says:

    yall guys r stupied

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