Season Update – Week 1

Get your BR’s ready because it’s time to lock and load. The podtacular season starts tomorrow and on this update you will find the games that will be played this week, some reminders and some of the buzz that’s been going around. Well let’s get down to business.

This week we will start the season with MLG V4 games. We have previously mentioned that we will be using V5 games for the remainder of the tournament. However, they’re not out yet so we will use these until we v5 is out and we have given the go ahead here for that particular week. So with that in mind make sure that CTF games will also be used under the Game Battles format, which has a time limit of 15 mins. If you have any questions regarding any game type please PM myself (Dialpex) or Kiaffex and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Well here are the games for this week.

The format to be followed is: [b]Slayer – Objective – Slayer[/b]

[b]MLG V4 Slayer on Guardian
MLG V4 KoTH on Construct
MLG V4 Slayer on The Pit[/b]

Keep in mind that the games must be played in that particular order.

Some of the questions that came up this week were regarding the armor/helmet rule. There are no rules regarding that. The only rule is that the players all be using the Spartan character.

Keep in mind that each team will host one game. Also its advised that a 30 seconds free for all slayer match is done before the matches just to assure that the host used is reliable.

All Parties must be set to 8 players limit, in case a team member lags out he can then be invited back and return to the game.

All right, i believe this is about what we all needed to get this “party” started. Remember, play fair as we’re in a community tournament. Save all your trash talk for someone else. We have always watched behavior and we always will. Complaints are not taken lightly and we will disqualify those teams that take that to a different level.

Hope you guys have a great week and remember!!! Very important!

[b]After your games are played you can submit your bungie URLS directly to me at Just shoot me a PM with the links and at the subject field use the following format. (Example: Team Supremacy(WIN) vs Team Number 1 )[/b]

Thanks again and have a great time.
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