Sarcistic Gamer honors Foo Mo Jive.

In a combo April fools’ joke and homage, our good friends at have re-done their entire site in jive talk! Every image, banner, article, and element of text is re-done. Check out the page title! Shout out to my homies at SG, y’all is da shiz-nizzle.

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8 Responses to Sarcistic Gamer honors Foo Mo Jive.

  1. Killazilla says:

    that…is…EPIC LULZ

    I died laughing reading all that.

  2. Dust Storm says:


  3. marooner says:

    that was some great reading. Very hard to read though.

    Also it is very kind of the people over at SG for doing that.

  4. KBC says:

    That was great!!

    lol good thing I read ganster.

  5. SGT Corona says:

    XD nice. I was able to understand it too :p

  6. chuckiej says:

    Very awesome! Does jive talk really have that much punctuation? :-P

    Too funny…

  7. ManOfPopsicle says:

    oh god im crying im laughing so hard LOL

  8. Scarface_Spartan says:


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