Remnant Now Available on Halo: The Master Chief Collection


The remake of Halo 2’s Relic, Remnant is finally here and available to everyone for free.  As you’ll recall, back in December, 343 Industries announced that due to the conditions of the Master Chief Collection’s launch, they would bring back Relic as a remade map for Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3: ODST’s campaign.

A secluded island, hidden along the coastal regions of Delta Halo, “Remnant” features a towering and iconic Forerunner megalith, weathered by untold millennia. The map’s asymmetric layout and the artifact’s elevated, yet embedded position, make it perfect for classic Slayer, Assault, and 1-Flag CTF game types. Of course, this re-imagined version of the classic map sports its share of innovations.


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Relic is a great one sided team objective map most popular with the One Flag CTF gametype.  You’ll find that the gametype specific ramps on the front of the tower are now permanently replaced with man cannons for all game modes.  The Covenant sniper tower has been traded out for a UNSC research facility that provides more cover over this key position.  The teleporters are still around and must be activated by a switch inside the base, but like it’s Halo 2 MCC counterpart, is bi-directional.  Because of the amount of interactive elements already available to Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer, no new pieces were introduced with Remnant, where Certain Affinity has decided the switched teleporter provides that interactive element already.  Weapon placements and types are identical to the original and the layout of the map is very similar.  With the release of Remnant, Bravo will be “Breaking Down the Map” on The Halo Channel, highlighting key power weapon spawns, strategic map positions and much more.


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