Project Triforce Producing Life Sized Plasma Rifle Replicas

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Project Triforce has just announced their Halo 2 Anniversary full-scale Plasma Rifle replicas.  Prop creators have successfully re-created some of the iconic Halo weapons in the past, but now you can get a fully licensed Plasma Rifle or Brute Plasma Rifle if you’ve got the money for it.  Both of the replicas are available for pre-order right now with a 25% non-refundable reserve deposit with the Plasma Rifle retailing at 600USD and the Brute Plasma Rifle retailing at 650USD.  Both replicas measure 24.5″ and weigh in at 15lbs featuring working LED effects.  If you’re considering getting these at all, now’s the time to reserve them as there will only be 500 of the Plasma Rifle and only 150 of the Brute Plasma Rifle crafted.

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