NXE 2 is Out!

The new Xbox Dashboard update has been released in preparation for the release of Kinect later this week. The update adds ESPN support and Video Chat via Kinect of the Xbox Vision Cam. Make sure you update all the other applications on your Xbox including Facebook, Netflix, Last.fm and Zune; looks like Twitter missed out. You’re also going to need to go to edit your Avatar so it and all your avatar items can be updated to the new Avatar appearance. It also looks like you have to enter all your login info for the applications again, except Netflix.

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2 Responses to NXE 2 is Out!

  1. Arby says:

    This includes improved speech quality, right? If so, then a big >smiley face< from me!!

  2. I didn’t kno you had to update ur avvy. interesting. BTW, my friends xboxs wont update. They say that xbox,com/support is like, totally jammed. many suggestions?

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