Noble Map Pack

Bungie announced yesterday the release of the Noble Map Pack that is to be released on November 30th for 800 M$ points. The first of the new maps is Anchor 9, based on the orbital platform from the campaign level “Long Night of Solace”. No space battles, but you get to play outside in low gravity again. The second map is Tempest, a forerunner-like map with a slight resemblance to Relic. It has the same aesthetics as Forge World, but we can’t tell if it’s on the Ark or Halo. Last up is Breakpoint, based off of the campaign level “The Package”. It feels like an exposed area of where Halsey’s lab in the forerunner structure is on Reach. This map is built for invasion, but I could have seen it being a regular map as well. Discuss in the forums.

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  1. St0rmtacular says:

    I love these new maps it is a great addition to halo reach

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