Next Halo Experience Being Developed for the Original Xbox

343 Industries has announced that the next Halo multiplayer experience is going to be revolutionary for the Halo franchise and promises to deliver the best experience it can. 343’s community manager told us, “We are really looking forward to what the Halo franchise has in store for our fans and we have taken community feedback to heart with crafting your next Halo journey.”

When we asked them about the kind of feedback they have received about the multiplayer experience, they said, “We’re always looking for ideas from the community. One of the biggest requests we’ve heard from across the community is to bring back more classic Halo experiences. So we’ve decided to go back to Halo’s roots and develop Halo 5 for the original Xbox.” This is sure to bring some fond memories of lugging your TV and Xbox over to a friends house to play on LAN and over Xbox Live with up to 100 of your most distant friends.

– Happy April Fools everyone

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