New Mythic Map Screenshots and Gameplay

For those of you not frantically drooling over the new screens or videos yet, several websites have release reviews, screens and videos of the new Mythic maps that are going to come out in September with Halo 3: ODST. It all came out yesterday as some of the major gaming sites got out there videos.

Reviews and Pics

TeamXBOX Mythic Maps
TeamXBOX ODST Multiplayer Screenshots


Gametrailers: Citadel
Gametrailers: Heretic
Gametrailers: Longshore
There are also a lot more over at Game Videos. Go check them out.

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6 Responses to New Mythic Map Screenshots and Gameplay

  1. razza 119 says:


  2. MLempire14 says:

    Noice. Can’t wait for it to actually come out for gameplay.

  3. PunxsatownyPhil says:

    Citadel looks okay, but there’s nothing SPECIAL about it, no giant pit o’ doom, no conveyor belt or central grav lift. Huh. I just realized: I want a Colossus remake.

  4. razza 119 says:

    i agree phil a colossus remake an acension remake a headlong remake and contaiment remake

  5. SamerS600 says:

    Cause of all the hype, I’m going to still call it Heretic Midship.

  6. giffyboy92 says:

    Those videos were sweet. The map i’m most lookin forward to would have to be longshore. As far as Halo 2 remake maps goes i think that bungie will make them in sandbox and release them on I myself already have a bunch ‘o’ halo 2 remade maps from bungie including Ascension.

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