New Arena Map The Rig


While most of us were in Seattle enjoying Pax, 343 dropped some info regarding another Arena map called The Rig.  Making its debut at Gamescom along with Colosseum, The Rig is actually a favorite around the studio and was used by the Sandbox team primarily for weapon and ability tuning during Halo 5’s development.  The map went through several concepts of mobile and stationary drilling rig platforms until they came up with the final map they have today.


The Pax Community Update over on Halo Waypoint takes an in-depth look at the development of the map with info from Multiplayer Producer Mike Byron, Senior Environment Artist Christopher Hands, and Multiplayer Level Designer Adrian Bedoya.  Chris takes us into the concept development of the location and feel of the map, and Adrian takes us through the development of the various areas of the map leading up to its final form.

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