Marathon: Grognok powered by the Bungie Aerospace engine?

Probably not. Bu those three things have all recently been found as new (or renewed) Bungie trademarks. First off the Marathon logo has been re-trademarked (unless it never was which seems unlikely). This has prompted speculation on the Bungie forums and HBO that the new secret project is in fact not a new IP but a new Marathon game. As much as I love this thought, I swear Bungie personnel have said “new IP” multiple times. In fact, to Kotaku Brian Jarrard said

“Could it come back? Yeah sure, anything is possible, Bungie owns the IP,” Jarrard said. “Would the team want to go back to Marathon as opposed to trying something brand new, coming off of a decade of one franchise, many years with Myth before that, many years with Marathon before that? I don’t want to speak for the elders, but I have to imagine there is a strong desire to try something new.

Next up is Grognok. DeathBringer669 on the Bungie forums found that

The trademark for Grognok is filed under the classification “1B”. 1B means that the logo is a “bona fide intention to use”. What does this mean you ask? Well in this instance it means that the logo is going to have the text “Grognok”, but the bland logo you see is not necessarily the final product. The next step, 1A, means it is “based on actual use”. This means that a 1A logo is how it will actually appear as the final product. A trademark such as the Bungie logo is a 1A logo, since it’s the final product.

There’s nothing in the trademark that really suggests what Grognok might be and as he said, the logo is plain text, likely in Times New Roman. Speculation is that it might be an internal tool in use at Bungie that it is preparing to license to others, particularly 343 Industries.

PhotobucketFinally, the cool new logo – Bungie Aerospace! Besides being approximately an A with an orbiting shape, this one is notable because it actually has Bungie’s name in it. That seems to make it even more likely that this is a piece of technology. This news got even more interesting when people realized Joe Staten had worn a vest with the Bungie Aerospace logo at GDC. It is reminiscent of when he and a few other Bungie staffers began appearing in various places wearing the Superintendent logo. Remember wondering what that was?

Very little is known right now but the likelyhood of Grognok and Bungie Aerospace being technologies they are preparing to license seems likely. Or maybe Grognok is the new IP, a Marathon sequel is coming too, and Aerospace is the Halo engine. Whatever the case, Bungie is very close to step 7 in their plan, so these three new trademarks may have more to do with slingshots and the Sun than video games.

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: That’s definitely it. LOL
: The plot thickens.

So, anyone seen any giant rubber bands go missing lately?

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7 Responses to Marathon: Grognok powered by the Bungie Aerospace engine?

  1. The Gamer28 says:

    Awesomeness. Marathon with a better engine would kick a**. Oh, and I like censoring my self so I don’t actually have to type it. =-}

  2. Dust Storm says:

    I’ve never played Marathon, so I’m a little out of the loop on this one. I really don’t know what to think of this yet.

  3. ChuckieJ says:

    It’s likely these are three separate things but I fused them all in the title for comedy’s sake.

  4. The Gamer28 says:

    Lol. I would suggest getting it off of the games marketplace. I think its only 800*.

  5. ODST EJY says:

    Really great story, thank you for the info ChuckieJ.

  6. The Gamer28 says:

    Yes. I would like a new Marathon game.

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