Important Announcement About the Podtacular Audio Podcast


This is a hard article to write, but it has to be done. The Podtacular Audio Podcast, started in July 2005, will be retiring in April. The last show will be recorded on April 8th, 2008. No, this is not an April fool’s joke. This may be bad news, but I have good news too. Read on for more.

First of all let’s calm some fears.

Wait, does this mean, the community, the clans, the review frenzy, the events, the 2008 season, and Pod TV are going away?

NO. In fact, this is the good news. Pod TV will be taking over the podcast feed and putting out new stuff more regularly. Freak in a Box and Cryptoflix need your help to do it though! If you want to help in acting, voice over, guest hosting, editing, recording, or some other way, leave a note in the comments. Pod TV has a lot of cool stuff planned and a schedule all worked out, so it’s shaping up quite well.

But why?

JVB is stretched to the max and had to find a way to cut back. He’s on like 3 or 4 different podcasts, including his own. I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now, but some possibilities kept me around to see what happened. Turns out nothing came of them, so it’s finally time for me to say my goodbyes. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of creating an environment that’s great for making friends and playing halo… for everyone but me. All the friend requests mess with my head because many of them just want someone “famous” on their friends list. I eventually ignored the whole lot and just isolated myself for this reason. That ain’t healthy. I want to play games with friends and be a regular joe. I have other reasons too, such as getting my 2 nights a week back (recording and editing) which I’ve been putting in for almost 3 years now.

So is the last episode going to be something special?

Yes. We plan on doing a look back and playing a bunch of goodbyes from our friends in the Halo Nation. (If you’re a leader in the Halo Nation, please let me know if you want to be a part of this historic episode) We hope to make it something special for all of us for whom the podtacular audio podcast has been a part of our lives over the years.

This, right now, is not the final goodbye quite yet. We do have a few more shows planned, so be sure to listen to the historic final shows of podtacular. I’ll still be hanging around in the forums, in fact probably a little more so. We have a tournament season coming up that Dialpex has put a lot of work into, among other things. Stick around and see what podtacular becomes in this transition!

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94 Responses to Important Announcement About the Podtacular Audio Podcast

  1. Paranoid Sarge says:

    This was so unexpected! I will definitely listen to the last episode. I will probably tear up because this community got me more into gaming and into halo. I’ve met a lot of friends and the podcast was the reason why. Thanks Foo mo and JVB for keeping it going. I understand where you guys are coming from.

  2. CARTS says:

    sad to see it go, I remember when I first started listening… man was I addicted, Podtacular = Heroin lol. I. I understand how time consuming it must be organising editing and making the show. I had trouble to find time being a leader of the Halo 3 clan. wish you the best in life to both you Foo (man for some reason you had the best halo 2 partys) and Jvb (Never really got to play with you, only 1 game with Beasting on Halo 2). Just 1 though, what if you can find som1 that can do the show? In the end I will still be on the forums since I love the community.

  3. oOo FuRyZ oOo says:

    yeah ill guest host

  4. xgeegx says:

    This sux man. I started listening to podtacular at episode 139 and ive only posted like 6 times so far. Foo Mo Jive, JVB I salute you with many regrets (sad song playing in the background). I will most cretainly listen to the last episodes and never delete them from my Zune. Pod TV, not to put pressure on you or anything, but it’s up to you now. Finish the Fight.

  5. Fag Biscut says:

    oh noes!!!11! Well, life comes and goes. Ive had a great time listening… Thanks so much Foo Mo for bringing up this community.

  6. Uchiha Of Thunder says:

    sigh… I will really miss this show, heck 75% of Podtacular was the Podcast… Even the Podtacular logo has a spartan with HEADPHONES IN!!! sorry, I didn’t expect this, and I will cherish the last few episodes of this legendary show… for a long time… sigh…

    To bring things back up a little: Foo Mo Jive, you did the GREATEST job with this show, so at least you’ll have something to tell your friends when they tell you how hard podcasting is, like “Dude this podcast job is killin’ me!” and you’ll be like “Man, I did that for 3 years, so just man up, or quit it…” I tried doing a podcast (I won’t tell you the name because I’d just humiliate myself) and it is HARD (I quit on the 5th episode)… So great job Foo Mo, great job and dedication (you get a LOT of bragging rights). I’ll miss you’re voice (I know that sounds creepy but hopefully you get my meaning) and JVB’s as well.

    JVB, you gave the show 80% percent of it’s humor, so thank you for helping Foo Mo and also thanks for all the extra words that you added to the Podtacular dictionary, I hope you have that Arnold voice in all your other podcasts.

    I’ll miss everyone else too, Dialpex, Chevele (spellcheck?), and all the contributing gamers and co-hosts to this show.


  7. face head says:

    Wow….this is really sad news. Podtacular got me into halo, and FPS in general. this place has been my second home and family. I can’t even EXPRESS the gratitude i have toward foo mo and JVB and all the guest hosts. Listening to a good show sometimes has chered me up to an extent of unblieveable. I listened to the show when i was going through a really hard time, and it truley helped. I can belive i wont have something to listen to friday nights at 3am…
    I am very glad the forums will still be up and running, since that is just part of my life.

    Im sure this was a crazy hard desiscion, but i guess it cant get any worse. Best of luck to JVB. Family time is always great. wow..i still cant belive it. It was an honor to somewhat guest host an episode. I still remember that night perfectly.
    Again, i want to say thanks. You started up a community that has helped me, and im sure, many more.

    Guess its time to frag out…

  8. MARDER10162 says:

    oh yeah man. its gonna be AWESOME

  9. Rouge 119 says:

    Sad face

  10. azn_dude1 says:

    nooo…why? sad face. I’ll miss the audio podcasts. I’ll look forward to Pod TV and still be on the forums around, but it won’t be the same. Hate to see this happen. I <3 Podtacular 4 ever

  11. marooner says:

    awww. This could be good or bad but at this time i remain sad. Thanks for all the great episodes!

  12. Chevelle65 says:

    I think 95 percent of my f/l is podtac peeps. Thanks for helping me meet a butt load of cool people.

  13. Rouge 119 says:

    The podcast may die but the legend lives on. They got passed 150 guys! That’s no easy feat!

  14. MARDER10162 says:

    i actually welled up when i read this. :’) I cant believe this is the end… you guys did such a good job with the podcast. I’m happy to be a member of the greatest podcast ever. I REALLY hope that Pod Tv will do a good job in their coming work. Good luck Foo Mo and JVB! Thank you guys for having such a KICK ASS podcast. and maybe, for the final episode, you should get Spelchek, and freak in a box, and cryptoflix, and all the other original guys to be on it!

  15. Lancelot59 says:

    It’s a pity that this had to happen, you guys had such a good run and it makes me sad to see it go. I was looking foreword to having my segment going on the show. Still people have lives to live. I can understand the part about wanting to just be a regular joe, but with your rep I don’t think anyone is gonna not know you for this place, at least for a few generations.

    It’s too bad that you can’t pass it on to someone. Now I don’t have an all Halo podcast to listen to. Still Dust Storm and I are gonna do our part to get a PC segment going and off the ground. Now that I have a working headset and school is finally back in a regular schedule.

    I only joined on around episode 80, the episode when you guys had TSL on.

    FooMo: It was nice being on the show that one time. I’ve had a lot of fun on the community. Sorry I bothered you at work that one time, Pidgin doesn’t always show the personal messages. Also if you’re not going to let someone pick up the audio podcast from you, then at least you’ll stick around here?

    JVB: Nice meeting you. I’ll pick up the other podcasts so I can keep listening to you. I know you do TPGR and GTR but what are the other two?

  16. Delta Snow says:

    Wow I started listening around the beginning of the Halo 3 Beta Episodes and just started sending in stuff. Cant believe it’ll be gone. But hey it’s been a while that Foo Mo has been running it and you cant do it forever. All I have to say is to remember back when Foo Mo and JVB said they were going to retire doing Podtacular. It was a joke but a lot of people wish it could be true, or at least until the end of Halo 3. Have you ever thought of just taking a long hiatus?
    This is Delta Snow saying “So long podtac, and Foo Mo frag that dang truck already it’s kind of bugging me.”

  17. The Hawk442 says:

    Wow. What an incredible time it has been. Podtacular and the cast have been such a positive part of my life for the past two and a half years. It’s been such an honor to be part of this great community, and I’m truly sadened to see the podcast go. I am glad to hear that the website, as well as pod tv will be continuing, and I would love to be a part of acting and helping out with future episodes.

    Its been a wonderful run-
    The Hawk

  18. halo3fan says:

    I am a fairly new listener but I still hate the news to hear the news.

  19. lilkuke says:

    By the way, I’d love to help with PodTV!

  20. xl Ac3 Ix says:

    Just saw this on HBO and decided to log back in to say this….


  21. wackysplash says:

    Great show, sad to see it coming to an end =(

  22. LoneBananaFone says:

    It is truly a sad, sad day for us all.

    The best we can do now is make the best damn last episode ever made. I’m willing to spend an inordinate amount of time helping out, if need be.

    Foomo and JVB– I know you guys like to be “average Joes,” you have to understand that many of us, including myself, look up to you. You are grown men that don’t deny your playful side, and that is something that I admire to no end. I have VERY fond memories of doing episodes with you guys, and they are memories that I’ll never forget. Again, I’d like to be involved in the last episode in some way, so contact me at your earliest convenience.

  23. Rouge 119 says:

    I’ll help you out is you guys need an extra man.

  24. ilikemonkeys says:

    NO! Why!!!! I shall miss this one. Was one of my favorite podcasts. I just… aggghhhh!!!! This is so surprising! I feel empty now.

  25. atlrichard77 says:

    how could you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont get it how could this be hapening. im crying right this moment. there is noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! lie. And i looked forward to this every week. im telling to my self i cant wait for the next podcast. i live in a third world country. this podcast i liked so much that. well i had a list of halo people how love halo but always swear swear swear. you guys are the ones that are not pathetic and swear every second of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you guys WANT TO GO YOU WANNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTT TO GO. just think how many people have folowd you guys. they REALLY THINK OR WISH THIS IS A APRIL FOOLS JOKE and its not. you guys how could you guys come on. im very sorryim sry sry sry sry sry sry that i realesed a lot of anger. sorry. its just i wanted to make friends that like wat i like. sob SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB SOB. man why.

  26. Deerwood Hustla says:

    Man….suprising low-blow to all of us Podtac super-fans! Especially us recently addicted newbs. lol But I understand your reasons for doing this and completely respect your decision. This was my first and only podcast I’ve suscribed to and I just wanna thank you for doing such an awesome job……..and being gentle and making me feel comfortable for my first time……uhh, listening to a podcast of course! lol Anyway, thanks again for everything! And have fun getting adjusted into your new, semi-care-free, regular joe lifestyle Foo!

    P.S. JVB, my anus armor mold is on its way! The podcast may be over, but I still expect my custom-fitted anus armor soon! lol Thanks!

  27. jokeman31 says:

    wow i just joined this podcast about 2-3months ago ive only posted on the show once and i must say i was sad to see this had to end so soon i cant watch the shows i missed it just wouldnt be the same….. i would be happy to be in the pod tv thing….. just send me a message gamertag: jokeman31
    also i think the last episode will bring up naynay, anus armor. and probly even more but i only know about those…..

    goodbye jvb and i would love playing you guys on xbox live

  28. Juggler18 says:

    Honestly we should’ve expected this at some point. An entire show dedicated to one game will eventually run dry. But I don’t think it had run dry yet, and that’s what makes this podcast so amazing! Halo 3 is still pretty young and Halo Wars is on the horizon. It’s too bad they couldn’t keep the fire going.

    Foo Mo, have you thought about joining any other podcasts? I think it would be great if you joined with the Post Game Report and keep the Foo Mo/JVB chemistry alive.

  29. mugglecrew says:


  30. Stooch says:

    Wow. It’s a real shame the show’s coming to an end. I remember hearing my first ever submission while painting the bathroom and my first ever post on the old blogspot forums. The first replies I got were CapnKrunk telling me he loved my Jessica Alba avatar and Foo Mo telling me to stop spamming my own blog lol!

    Thanks for the good times!

  31. Luke Gray says:

    Now i will only have Car Talk, Bungie Podcast, and Prairie Home Companion. I’m going to miss podtac Audio. Thanks for reading all the submissions I sent in. Keep on Zip Zoppin Zippydoos lol.

    Too bad we only got to The Ark campaign show i was going to send some mad tips for The Covenant Campaign show.

  32. MrBudah says:

    well i guess this was eventually goin to happen and its so sad… started listening since ep.21. well keep on fraggin trucks

  33. atlrichard77 says:

    noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!eeeeaaaaaaaaaoooooooo man come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. NRKNoPainNoGain says:

    Podtacular is the only one podcast I’m listening too, besides Bungie Studios, and I think it’s a real loss for the community. I understand your decisions guys, this must be a hell lot of work to do. Still, it’s good you decided to stop doing it BEFORE the podcast started to really bore you and be a real pain in the a$$. For my part, I’ll need my weekly podcast so I think I’ll turn to JVB’s podcast.

    I’ll really miss all the funny parts in the podcasts and Foo Mo laughing at JVB’s ”grunty” voices.

    We will keep on fraggin’ (insert funny quote here) forever. You guys are the best!

  35. Dark Templar says:

    I’m going to miss the show. I always listen to it before bed on sundays. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye, but you have my thanks for giving all of us in the Halo community a place to hang out and help each other out. You are the iron thread that connects us all, and it will [i]never[/i] break or fray no matter what happens. Podtacular will live on as long as Halo is around. I, the leader and founder of Team Killionaire, would be honored to take part in the last show. Send me a message if you are okay with letting me come and take part in the historic episode. I know I speak on all behalf of the Halo community, you will be missed. I am glad Pod TV will continue, but nothing can replace all the jokes we all came up with. Thank you Podtacular, for putting a spark in our lives that will burn on forever…

    Your Loyal Friend,
    Dark Templar

    “Keep on Fraggin’ Trucks.”

  36. Rocket Badger says:

    i remember my first submition like it was 2 episodes ago

    thats because it was and its sad to hear that i only have 3 more chances

    i feel the need to make a podcast myself and then observe a podtacular moment of silence

    we could get it on the new and all across america and the world Halo owners/pwner/and the average joe will stand a moment of silence in honor of this memorable podcast

    (insert funeral music hear)

    but when one dies many more are born the will be another and if we build the hype for the last episode that will come

    also i wonder if we can make enough of a rise out of this with the community to scary Foo Mo and JVB to not let the good things die

    keep on fraggin trucks driven be urinating brutes who are running over nay any and purple bellied squirrals whoo are fighting with Foo Mo to keep the show running

    like thouse before me i was in the words of sergent Avery Johnston “lets go out with a bang”

    (srry if i got the wrong its on purpose of the moment)

  37. John Wayne 119 says:

    Very Sad News Indeed :(

  38. fullmetalgecko says:

    i almost cried when i read this.

  39. Painmongr539 says:

    well………..this was…… unexpected…….i was hoping to get at least something on the show. oh well!

  40. ManOfPopsicle says:

    This is really a tragedy. It’s horrible this is happening, and I’m sure no one wants this to happen (just take a look at the number of comments for this article). This podcast really changed the Halo nation. I teared up a little the first day this article was posted XD

  41. oscar343 says:

    wow this is sad i have been listening since episode 42 im not a real vocal *or emotional guy* but this hits to the core of me i listen to it on the way to and the way home from school every week. Most times listening to an episode two or three times. This truly brings tears to my eyes.

  42. spot 18 says:

    WTF? Now what the heck am I supposed to listen to on long car rides? Stupid families and jobs and real life stuff. You have had quite a few guest hosts, pass the torch dudes, keep this thing rolling. New maps coming out, still havn’t finished the campaign tips or multiplayer, halo wars, new playlists, a more engaged community member hired to bungie. A crap load of reasons to keep on fraggin other podcasts. Yuck!

  43. Spoofmaniac says:

    Congrats on your years of service to the Halo fans guys. This community was the first real gaming community I joined and I’d like to thank Foomojive and JVB for a rocking year.

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