Holy Shazbot! New Halo 2 map info!!

Big news from Bungie! Frankie finally revealed the details today about the new Halo 2 maps.


Halo 2 players can now play arguably the best Halo 1 map out there: Hang ’em High! Time to get the BRs ready and prepare for some mid-range pwnage across the map. This map is so awesome for juggernaut, moving KOTH, territories, and team slayer. It has a cool new look too… it looks like it’s in a loading dock area of Halo 2.


The remake of Halo’s Derelict, this map makes for some interesting rumble pit games and great 2v2 matches. It’s a small map with some carefully placed transporters and tunnels to make for some narrow escapes and just in time cover.


Just when you thought that was all, Frankie tells us these maps will be $4 and they’ll be available for Xbox 1 and the Xbox 360. You’ll need a gold account to download the maps. They’ll be available April 17th. We can’t wait! More info at “bungie.net”:http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&link=certainaffinitymaps.

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19 Responses to Holy Shazbot! New Halo 2 map info!!

  1. Killazilla says:

    I need to change my pants.

  2. JoeDaddy1138 says:

    Crap…..I mean Great!

    My wife is [b]NOT[/b] going to be happy with me next month! Major props to Bungie for continued support with HALO2. No other developer release map updates this far after launch.

    Truly shows the power of the Halo online community that the demand continues to be this strong. What better way to get everyone ramped up for Halo3 than some new multiplayer maps.

  3. JVB says:

    YAY!! Now all I need is to get me 360 back…:-)

    You guys know that these maps are 360 exclusive????


    Oops, I messed up about the exclusive stuff. It’s available for both xbox and Xbox 360.

  4. Killazilla says:

    Actually JVB Frankie said they would be availible on BOTH xbox’s since it will be distributed via the game not marketplace.

    This lead me to wonder. Are these the maps that were announced last year? or are these a totally new map pack and the 360 exclusive ones are still to come?

  5. chuckiej says:

    “Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios today confirmed the upcoming release of two new, eagerly awaited downloadable maps for “Halo® 2.” The maps will be available as premium downloadable content for Xbox® and Xbox 360™ on April 17.”

    If its still 360 exclusive, M$ messed up the press release big time.

    Before today, all I remember is that it was going to be exclusive…

  6. BrentGamer says:

    Just to make it clear, purchasing these maps will require the use of a credit card, and there is currently no option to purchase them with MS Points.

  7. Feelz Good says:

    I haven’t played Halo 2 in over a year, but that will soon change. Maybe I can get some games going withs ome podtacular people.

  8. RandomSunchips says:

    My dad won’t let me use his credit card, even for 4 dollars ><.

  9. Rocktard says:

    I hope that when they release these maps, a patch accompanies it. Because I can’t even play Halo 2 on my 360. :P


  10. blankCANVAS says:

    Let’s hope this isn’t another sick April Fool’s Day joke..seems unlikely, but Bungie would go to great lengths to make fools of their fans. :P

  11. Killazilla says:

    I hope that when they release these maps, a patch accompanies it. Because I can’t even play Halo 2 on my 360.



    did you unblock original xbox games in the parental controls?

  12. ForgotenAERO says:

    yay now we have something to talk about on the next episode!

  13. u4iX says:

    Just in case anyone is worried about not being able to use a credit card:

    Many supermarkets/shopping malls have gift card visa cards which act like short term debit cards. If your parents are worried about using their credit cards all they would have to do is go to a place that sells these types of cards, put a 4 dollar deposit on it, then pay for the maps using this temporary credit card. Their is no permanent information or any personal information tied to this card, so it is worry free!

  14. LoneWarrior says:

    finally but im not surprised that they remade hang ’em high but why derelict? we have plenty of small map why not remake sidwinder now thats a great map. but i can live with these though it shows that microsoft and bungie really do care about keeping a good community going.

    does any body know when the beta starts cause i don’t want to miss it i got any invite and i don’t plan on wasting it.

  15. Killazilla says:

    Containment WAS the remake of Sidewinder. How come nobody remembers that?

    Also Deralict was a perfect chioce. Most of those who still play halo are competative players and LOVE this kind of map.

  16. marooner says:

    yay i’m soooo glad they did a h2 version of hang em’ high. I’ve not played as much of derelict but it should be cool to.

  17. lostcanadian101 says:

    i cant wait till the 17th im goin to get kick off my 360 im goin play so much

  18. LoneWarrior says:

    true they already did a re make but think about how much less like sidewinder it is pluss what would you rather play on? the real sidwinder or containment? as long as they don’t remake chirion lv 13 level cause that was confusing as hell.

  19. BeaverDeath says:

    I don’t have XBL. :(

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