Halo World Championship Kicks Off December 6th


We’re just two weeks away from the largest competitive Halo event in history.  Sixteen teams from six different competing regions will be selected for the finals happening in March next year for the first truly worldwide competitive Halo event.  Starting December 6th, teams will compete in a series of online and in-person events for their chance to be one of the finalists.  343 Industries has partnered with MLG for North America, Gfinity for the United Kingdom, and ESL for the remaining regions to host and organize online qualifiers and regional finals.  The current schedule of events is as follows:

  • Dec 6: Online Ladders Begin
  • Dec 19 – Jan 31, ’16: Online Qualifiers and Regional In-Person Events
  • Jan 23, ’16 – Feb 21, ’16: Regional Finals except the UK
  • Mar 1, ’16 to Mar 20, ’16: Halo World Championship Prelims and Finals


Thanks to crowdfunding through REQ pack purchases, the prize pool currently sits at $1.7 million and is growing daily.  While REQ packs will continue to fund the Halo World Championship and future HCS events, 343 is coming out with an official HCS collectible requisition set that will be available for a limited time during this season and contribute directly to the HWC prize pool.  The REQs included are HCS Athlon Helmets and Armors, AR and BR skin, and emblem.  More details on how to obtain this legendary REQ set will be detailed on Halo.gg and @Halo in the coming days.

Registration for the Halo World Championship is now open to all six regions.  Head over to the official Halo Championship Series page over on Halo Waypoint to register, find the region specific schedules, and for rules and regulations.

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