Halo Universe Announcements Flurry

This week has seen several major announcements that will shape the Halo Universe for quite a while. Let’s name them off (with forum links for discussion):

Robot released Title Update 3 with much needed balance changes to warthogs, Prof. Anders and more. A map pack was also released for 800 points.

343 Industries is the entity inside of Microsoft that will manage the Halo intellectual property (IP). Frankie O’Connor is the spokesman and probably the man in charge.

As part of 343 Industries pushing forward the Halo Universe into new arenas, three things were announced:

These announcements and their implications will be discussed on Episode 199 of Podtacular, the Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast.

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5 Responses to Halo Universe Announcements Flurry

  1. Dust Storm says:

    A lot to take in for one day.

  2. razza 119 says:

    i have got 2 get me 1 of those t shirts

  3. Maximo Notts says:

    So do those balance changes need downloading or have been updated automaticaly/ will be updated automaticaly?

  4. ChuckieJ says:

    It’s an update that you download automatically, you can’t play online without it.

  5. Jakegamer117 says:


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