Halo Movie Loses Studio Support

Variety.com is reporting today that the Halo movie, recently pushed back to a release in 2008, has lost support from both Univeral Studios and 20th Century Fox. It seems that they were getting cold feet about putting so much money towards the project, especially with director without a feature film to his name.

Both of the studios that agreed to co-finance the screen adaptation of the popular Microsoft game have abruptly backed out of the picture. While rumors had the studios concerned over a budget that was rising above the original projected $135 million pricetag, the filmmakers said the double defection came after U and Fox played hardball and unsuccessfully tried to get the filmmakers and Microsoft to reduce their profit participation.

Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, WETA and director Neill Blomkamp are still onboard the project, but now it’s time for them to find a new studio to finance and distribute the movie. Here’s hoping that another big studio with deep pockets will take a chance on bringing Master Chief and his adventures to the big screen!

via Variety.com

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21 Responses to Halo Movie Loses Studio Support

  1. MyThIc3LiTe says:

    come on, honestly. these big ass studios are pussies. wasnt it them who rejected jackson when he presented LOTR? they are so doubtful of these new directors. who gives a shit if he hasnt made a major film yet, he probably has the experiance of great directors. why deny them the chance? i bet you anything that if they dont find a studio soon you will have that new director – forget his name – and Peter Jackson makin the halo movie financed by jackson himself lol

  2. Unr3alChi3f says:

    com on universal and fox!!! at least give the new guy and peter jackson a chance!!!

  3. Killazilla says:

    Wow why are they worried? It’s going to generate a crapload of money no-matter if its a hit or a bomb. Idoits. Viva la Halo Movie!

  4. Dialpex says:

    Wow… That sucks… you know!? Sometimes these people just gotta have a little faith… I mean wasn’t halo 2 weekend sales gross total enough to show them what this is all about?! I mean… 2 years later with a even better team, even better game and even better system? this will top anything in video game history… The movie will easily EASILY follow the same steps.

  5. Megaman Zero 3 says:

    NOOOOOOO i really hope they find someone

  6. Killazilla says:

    You don’t it stays there, shaming you for the rest of your life.

  7. HAVOC STi says:

    I seem to remember something happing like this with a movie that no one wanted to take a chance on, oh what was that movie? Oh yeah, STAR WARS!!! Did FOX not learn any lessons from that? Well I guess they did. They want all the money from merchandise [i]AND[/i] the movie.

  8. PurpleDemon666 says:

    This is bull****. Fox and Universal are both idiots. I could picture Fox doing this ( cause their dumba**es) but Universal. Wo I’m freckin speechless

  9. BrentGamer says:

    Think about it guys: If Disney produces the movie, we’ll get really catchy Movie Tunes!

    I can just see the Chief standing on a cliff holding up his illegitmate child and then BAM! “It’s the Circle, the CIRLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE!”

  10. Painkilla05 says:

    Maybe disney will produce it!

  11. Killazilla says:

    God No!

  12. PurpleDemon666 says:

    holy crap. what would his baby look like

  13. Killazilla says:

    A 1 foot long spartan in full armor.

  14. Lab0mba says:

    WTF. I’m pissed. *punches wall*

  15. MadGecko says:

    Trey Parker takes over the project… lol
    [b]Halo South Park Style!!![/b]

  16. LastWXY says:

    Why doesn’t Microsoft just finance it themselves. They have the money and Halo is like their leading game.

  17. NamesTwister says:

    Well, if they do actually make it, i hope it doesnt have any 1st person shooter crap in it like DOOM because DOOM sucked!

  18. El Magnifico says:

    Wow! i cant belive those wenises. i have total faith in Neill blomkamp, cause ive seen his short films and there GREAT!
    check them out
    this one is called alive in joburg
    this one is called Yellow
    and then there is Tetra Val
    we can clearly see whay he was han picked by peter jackson

  19. deville75 says:

    Universal and Fox don’t care one bit about helping newcomers, or giving them a chance. All they care about is their money and whether or not they will make a profit. Which doesn’t make sense for them not to finance this project since Halo as a game has the biggest community, (No doubt about that) so it’s obviously gonna have a huge revenue. It’s unbelievable and shallow of them to think that, just because the director hasn’t made any big movies in the past that he won’t be able to deliver a good movie. All I know is that I’m glad we did not negotiate with them. Shouldn’t be a thing to worry about.. I know for sure another studio will finance this project. Not everyone is so ignorant.

  20. ClownX says:

    Last… News is that now M$ is financing the movie. Cool! But to be fair, if Disney produced it, it’d be awesome. But they wouldn’t take the project anyway. It’s not their style.

  21. noradseven says:

    crap this is going to push back the release date alot crap i want to see it now.

    i agree with Devile this movie only has to be okay to not that great to make a profit(because fans will go anyways), but with Peter Jackson it is proably going to be Good-Great, which means more profit

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