Halo developments from E3 2007

At last night’s E3 press conference, Microsoft and Bungie unveiled some new goodies for Halo fans:

  • A new Halo 3 trailer focused on campaign and including new gameplay footage
  • A short film from would-be Halo movie director Neill Blamkomp and WETA called Halo: Arms Race
  • A new Halo-themed Xbox 360 hitting stores in September
  • The XBLA debut of Marathon: Durandal.

More details at bungie.net

How does that float your boat? Anyone planning to pick up that Spartan-ized 360 in September? Who’s interested in checking out Marathon again (or for the first time)? And does the new short film hint at what might come from the Halo movie someday?

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15 Responses to Halo developments from E3 2007

  1. Killazilla says:

    Wow Krunk this was so 1 am :P

    I can’t wait for Marathon and the Halo 3 trailer debut almost made the IRC crash.

    I wonder if the Halo 3 360 will be an elite as well. I need a new box in a few months.

  2. a surly hobo says:

    Looks cool. I wonder how long they’ll be making them.

  3. Chevelle65 says:

    Nice job Krunk!

    Oh and here is a themed xbox I would like to see “the non-three-redlight xbox”

    The themed xbox is cool and all but M$ come on, lets see some time spent on fixing the 3 red light problem. Ok my ranting is over.

    SO where are these halo vids!

  4. tubaguhbluba says:

    finally the videos are on the marketplace. ya, since everyone bought a 360 just to get halo 3, who gonnna buy the new one now?

  5. marooner says:

    When is the next E3???? If that isnt a stupid question.

  6. a surly hobo says:

    Next summer.

  7. Duffman X18 says:

    Alright! Marathon Durandal! That’s gonna be nice with a gamepad.

  8. iNOOB says:

    The arms race vid looks dated. It looks like aliens to me. at least the pelican and other ships. I hope the halo movie looks better than that did. Maybe this hinted that the movie will be comin soon?

  9. John Wayne 119 says:

    Looks Terrible I Cant Say I’m Surprised That Microsoft Are Trying To Milk The Fans And Halo For Everything They Can Come On Charging You The Full Price Of A 360 Just For A Green Case Ooooooook Good Luck With That

  10. chunkydude95 says:

    Why is everybody complaing about the fact that Microsoft is putting out a Halo 360. I was waiting for them to put it out. Remember the halo edition original xbox ?

  11. Duffman X18 says:

    Jeez man, lighten up! If you don’t like it DON’T BUY IT. The reason Microsoft makes these is because people usually like this stuff, and it makes the fans happy knowing they have something special.

  12. Marine3000 says:

    not to start getting off topicbut when did yall get your 360s… when it first came out. because we all knew it was gonna have problems in the first few months. i got it at christmas of last year. no problems except for once when it almost had that red light prob but it was just the disk……

    anyway… my 360 works well enough for me not to get another one and also i dont have the money :(. Im already got the special mater chief controller on reserve. now i watched the videos there awseome. The halo arms race was a bit cloudy though. nothing i want to see in the movie.

  13. yup277 says:

    M$ is doing some thing about the three red rings problem: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/support/petermooreletter.htm

  14. John Wayne 119 says:

    Ok yes i get what your saying i just wanted to make it clear that i am not falling for it ill just wait for the case to pop up on eBay saying that the green just doesn’t match my tv sooooooo

  15. Yoshi_Sensei says:

    Honestly the gameplay footage was alright, but I wanted to see a full out demo like COD4. There was one, but only behind closed doors and the folks over at gamespot said it looks nice.

    As for the H3 360, in my opinion, it looks terrible. I’m very satisfied with my 120GB Black Elite which is far better than the weird green 20 gb HDMI h3 360.

    It’s something about the awkward red reciever mixed in with the gold and green just does not work well on a console.

    Well whatever, I have my elite the first day it came out and no red lights (yet) and can’t wait to play the nice line up of games this fall and early 08.

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