Halo Cinematics Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Halo 2 Anniversary - Uprising RemasteredWe’ve seen glimpses of the Halo 2 Anniversary cinematics remastered by Blur, the same studio that did the Halo Wars cinematics, but today, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive cinematics trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary.  This two and a half minutes is enough to give any Halo fan goosebumps.  In addition to the trailer, EW provides three comparison videos of Chief getting his armor repaired, Cortana interpreting Regret’s message on Delta Halo, and Keyes pulling out the Index at the end of the game.

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One Response to Halo Cinematics Like You’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Phastroh says:

    Holy Shit Stix! Just make a damn movie just like this but start it a bit earlier with an origin story for the Spartan and all that. Who needs real life movie filming ruining all the possibilities.

    Sorry Spielberg your fired lol this would top anything you make if they made it using this stuff. In my opinion of course. From Cortana to the Gravemind to actually anything it kicks the crap out of any game cineys ever. Man that Arbiter is badass and his fight with the red elite(forgot his name) looks fantastic. Ok it is all great.!!!!!!

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