Halo Anniversary Tid-bits from this Past Week

This week, Waypoint gave us a few goodies regarding the upcoming Halo Anniversary.  If you haven’t seen it by now, then here’s what’s going down.  Earlier in the week, Waypoint announced a skull that would be available in the campaign for pre-orders: the Grunt Funeral skull.  As one can imagine, the skull is very similar to the Grunt Birthday Party skull, but instead of confetti, it pulls it’s roots from the Halo 2 version of the skull where all grunts, when killed turn into plasma grenades.  You can watch a video of it in action below.

The other bit of news is a video demo of the Halo Anniversary campaign in-action.  It is very convincing that the physics and underlying code has remained untouched, so go check that out on Waypoint.

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