Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer – Empire


Empire takes place on an industrial high-rise building with many close quarters engagements but leaves enough open spaces for long lines of sight.  The outer part of the map reveals the hazards of falling off a sky scraper while the inside has more close encounters with hallways and rooms that provide multiple paths of movement for both teams.  There are primarily two different elevations to play for this map and much of the layout plays really well to the new Spartan Abilities.  This map is ideally made for 4v4 games with a central Sniper Rifle heavy weapon to control the outside catwalks and the central corridor lining the middle of the map.

Out of all the maps I played, this one was my favorite although I got to play it the least.  The variety in close quarter combat and mid to long range battles made this one really fun to play in and the layout let me play around with the Spartan abilities to the extent I was able to use a variety of the different mobility options to engage firefights and escape conflicts.  You always have to be weary of the many different possible angles you can get attacked from at any one point on this map.  There are many that won’t seem obvious at first until you get someone throwing nades and popping headshots from places you weren’t expecting.  Numerous times I was able to use the thruster pack to escape two-on-one battles and get into firefights to help my team.  Also, expect the fight for the Sniper Rifle to be a bloodbath whenever it comes up.  The fight is intense, but the reward is worth it if you can claim it.

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