Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Console in the Works


Josh Holmes, Studio Head at 343 Industries answered a few Twitter questions this week.  Among them, Josh tells us there is a limited edition Halo 5 console and controller in the works with details to be released at a later date.  Amongst the other Twitter responses, we’re informed there will be no P2P, which likely needs some clarification, but would mean possibly no offline LAN support.  Spartan Ranks will still be used in conjunction with Competitive Skill Rank in Arena playlists and a new progression/unlock system. There are no current plans for another Halo 5 beta.  Finally, if you’re wondering what’s in the Limited Collector’s Edition, we will have full details on that by the time E3 rolls around.

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2 Responses to Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Console in the Works

  1. xVWxTK says:

    Wow. No split screen on the console? Really. I might as well just throw out my xbone 1 away now.

  2. Brandon Tubbs says:

    Just to restate? No splits screen and no offline playable campaign? Your kidding right. If that is the case consider my xbox1 thrown into the garbage.

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