Halo 5: Guardians Key Art Puzzle Solved


Thanks to the Halo community’s tremendous effort of scouring the internet for pieces to this puzzle, the Halo 5: Guardians Key Art is finally unveiled.  Thanks to the efforts of Chief Canuck from our friends at Ready Up Live and Halo Orbit, we solved the puzzle!  Xbox Wire also released a final vertical version of the artwork that will be used as the cover box art for the official release.  An animated version of the puzzle is also up on YouTube, which you can find below.

The artwork features Spartan Locke and Master Chief facing off against each other.  Underneath both we see what is heavily implied to be the remnants of Blue Team consisting of the John, Fred, Linda and Kelly, and Locke’s team which consist of Locke, who is assumed to be Buck with the ODST looking armor, and two other unidentified Spartans.  In the center lies the ruins of what is believed to be Sanghelios and not a War Sphinx as confirmed by Frankie earlier this week on Twitter.  Get your horizontal and vertical key art pieces.

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