Halo 5 Announced at E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo started today and leading the charge was the Microsoft Press Conference. Showcasing a lot of unique titles and some console exclusives, Microsoft definitely came out with a strong hand. Among the titles presented, near the very end, Microsoft unveiled the Halo 5 trailer for the Xbox One: the first Halo title to be native 60 fps with a release date in 2014. Watch the teaser below as we get to see Jedi Master Chief!

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7 Responses to Halo 5 Announced at E3

  1. Bioman998 says:

    Just a thought: he’s probably looking for Cortana, or out for revenge, considering how he pulled out her chip. That big Promethean bird could be a ship for the Librarian,? or Iso-Didact. I can’t recall if the Librarian dies at the end of that last Greg Bear book. Still, her memory thing she left on Requiem probably “copied” Cortana when she was augmenting the Chief to be immune to the composer, among other things. It could have gotten to another planet, the same way the Composer got the New Phoenix victims back to Requiem. Also, the ground we see at the beginning looks vitrified, like its been glassed. As for the whole jedi robe thing, your guess is as good as mine. I’m pretty sure they don’t make them that size. The crack in his helmet is pretty indicative of some serious action. I don’t think its from fighting covenant though, since plasma pretty much boils away whatever it hits, but maybe a brute hit him. Anyway, there’s my little analysis

  2. Bioman998 says:

    Just had another thought. That could be John’s ship. Maybe the Librarian gave him a geas – for some reason that feels like it could explain the cloak too.

  3. RedeemedSpartan05 says:

    I believe the cloak was just to hide it was the chief during the start of the teaser more than anything. Although I could be wrng

  4. Bioman998 says:

    That’s a good point, it may also be to keep the sand out of his apparently damaged armor. And I’ve been searching the internets, and I’m starting to think the bird is Mendicant Bias

  5. GLewis says:

    I agree that the big bird with legs thing is Mendicant Bias. More-than-likely. Also I’m pretty sure Chief is on the Ark. Which a fragment of Mendicant Bias was placed. The other fragment was on the capital ship that the covies brought to the Ark during the events of Halo 3. So somehow the two fragments may have been brought back together since they are generally “close” together.

    I think MB is going to be an ally. John doesn’t appear to be in attack mode when he sees the bird type machine come up from the sand.

  6. Phastroh says:

    While we can comment endlessly the one thing I have noticed over the long years is that Halo Trailers never give much away and always turn out to show nothing you see here in the game.

    With that said of course the theories of events will have a slight connection with the trailer.

    I recall being banned from Bungies website for asking where the Covenant ships went during that trailer with the Ark. I said they could not have just vanished that fast and kept pushing the question because they said it was seamless in-game engine which we can clearly see that it was not seamless. if it were then the Covenant ships(mainly the Banshees) would have still been in frame during the opening sequences of the Ark.

    Anyway that is old news but just one of the reasons I take these trailer lightly. They are cleverly designed pieces I tell you. That scene will most likely never take place in that manner.

  7. Phastroh says:

    I just want to add that the shadow on the left sure looks like the shape of a Pelican and while that makes zero sense it still does to me.

    Additionally the crack visor is also most likely not part of the game at all. That would be annoying to have to see it haha.

    The cloak is to hide his identity and to keep him from being silver by the time he gets there.

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