Halo 4 Details Explored

There’s been a rumor going on for quite a while now (since the release of Halo 3) of a new Halo 4 game. Now whether you believe it or not, there are arguments for both sides. A video popped up on YouTube recently that looks at some of the facts, and while those may support the existence of Halo 4, I still think there’s some gaps not filled. The video is mainly a mash-up of pictures and text slides, but the creator makes some good points. Although this has been overlooked next to a rumored Halo: CE remake, from a Halo Fan standpoint, it would be cool to see the conclusion of Master Chief’s legendary ending.

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  1. Karl/Doc120 says:

    Bungie said there wouldn’t be another MC game, anything that comes out, will just be in the Haloverse. It’s pretty much assumed that MC is the guy in Marathon, that’s what I’ve gathered anyway, from how the games play out, especially with all those weird portals you could turn on throughout Halo 3.

  2. Soccersac says:

    Bungie doesn’t own halo microsoft does they can do anything they want to with they game but i think that MC is on marathon.

    weird portals? the teminals?

  3. ChuckieJ says:

    He also makes some horrible points. Like “Brian Jarrard made the decision to go with Halo Reach rather than Halo 4”. I don’t think so. He may have been in on the decision but he certainly didn’t make it. He has, however, talked about the decision on his media tours.

    “In January 2010 the Hype for Reach began to…” Wrong again.

    Bungie gave the rights to Halo to Microsoft when they allowed themselves to be purchased in 1999. (12 years ago)

    Nathan Walpole being at 343 now doesn’t mean MC is coming back in the next game. He’s a brilliant animator and it just means that 343 got one of Bungie’s best.

    He makes no mention of the rumors of a Halo 1 remake.

  4. kikoroo says:

    Ummm… I’m pretty sure MC isn’t in Marathon. Isn’t he a secuirity guard? And doesn’t it happen a loooong while after Halo?

  5. haloreach fan says:

    everybody I know this was a long time ago but I am bumping this and telling everybody that might not have heard there is a halo 4 coming out officially sometime in next november[the november after this one for anyone who is un clear] and halo 1 remake is coming out sometime soon! there will probaly be lots more after halo 4 also! What I want to say though is it is possible that mc is on reach!!!! I puzzled everything that I could think of out! In halo reach you see at the end that there is a crashed pelican behind your helmet! In halo 3 legendary ending you see the frigate floating towards a planet. I say the frigate exploded on impact of reach and inside was a pelican that ended up being in the ground right there! You may say the pelican was there at the begginning but the begginning was a spoiler! You may also say reach got glassed but ask yourself this! Do planets unglass themselfs over time? probably not! Can a person DEGLASS a planet! I don’t think so! BUT! A FORERUNNER PROBABLY CAN! IF THEY CAN MAKE HALOS I THINK THEY CAN DEGLASS A PLANET! I THINK SOME FORRUNNERS SURVIVED DEGLASSING REACH AND DIED FROM THE FLOOD! That explains why the planet looks so wierd on halo 4 trailer!!!!!!!!! Maybe some forrunners are even still alive on reach and flood did not infect them but either way! I also would like to say six may have survived not dieing on reach if he killed the arbiter elite somehow! But he probably would have died being glassed :c. the only other way is if he got under cover or a forrunner saved him but both of those are highly unlikely! So I think one way or another six did in fact die on reach! sorry six fans. :C

  6. reece says:

    its a fucking foruner planet that oni has been using satilites and MARINES that were pitched against each other becuse they went mad to search for life and CLUUESSS!!TO THE STORY OF THE HALO RINGS

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