Halo 3: Tonight’s the night!

Just in case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, the wait is over and tonight you’ll be able to grab a copy of Halo 3 at midnight launch events across the globe. If you’re going to a midnight launch event, be sure to spread the word and represent Podtacular to as many of our fellow Halo fans as you can.

Foo Mo Jive and JVB will return soon with a new episode discussing their thoughts on Halo 3 and their experience so far, and we’ll be jumping back into our episode rotation, including episodes focused on strategies and tips for multiplayer, discussion of campaign tactics and encounters, and of course, custom games and saved films. Podtacular is coming back in a big way with Halo 3, so be sure to tune in for each episode to get the most out of the game.

Also, tomorrow you can expect to see a new face to Podtacular as well. Even though our discussion forums are currently in a lockdown (to prevent posting of spoilers), the site will have a few new features that we think you’ll like and get some use out of.

Otherwise, if you’re jumping in line tonight, have fun, stay safe and we’ll see you soon in a game of Halo 3!

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21 Responses to Halo 3: Tonight’s the night!

  1. Toastix says:

    Ahh the suspense is killing me for this game. Picking it up at midnight only to get to play a couple of hours before work and class. So excited!

  2. drive_c says:

    So, when We beat the game, how long do we wait to talk about it?

  3. Spoofmaniac says:

    I’m so sad! I’ll be picking it up on the 25th, but it will be taunting me fo4 2-3 weeks. This sucks. I hope I’ll get my 360 sooner than they said I would.

  4. AERO Strik3 says:

    awesome. cant wait to meet the “new face” and see all the new features. 7 more hours!

  5. ktp 11 says:

    nice. I’ve been waiting for this tasty new look.

  6. Kickimanjaro says:

    Hopefully I can make it to a midnight launch! Idk though…oi this is sooo frustration! 3:27 to go people!!!!

  7. Killazilla says:

    Yes finally time for the new podtac! can’t wait to see it!

  8. Kiaffex says:

    Cool, can’t wait.

    Happy Halo Day [Tomorrow]!

  9. Painkilla05 says:


  10. Unr3alChi3f says:

    Hey, CapnKrunk… Along with the new “face” for podtac… remember my idea for the UNSCDF for the halo 3 launch??? Do you think that we can do the project on this site??? PM or AIM me if you like the idea…

  11. chuckiej says:

    Yipee! I’m totally looking forward to the new website, new episodes and playing Halo 3 with you guys. It’s time to rock and roll and complete our campaign for world domination!

  12. SGT Corona says:


  13. Legendary Hooligan says:

    amen. once i get an xbox, i can play with everybody too!!!!!

  14. Warlock6.66 says:

    new podtac+ halo3= Happy Warlock

  15. Hoogs says:

    WOOO! I’m watching the countdown on G4, almost as good as being at a release party.

  16. t3hreaper says:

    Hooray! New site FTW to kick off the greatest game release of this year, hell the past 10 years.

    Born is a new age of awesome!

  17. NamesTwister says:

    Halo 3 is so close I can’t sleep, and I’m not even getting it till tomorrow afternoon.
    I can’t wait for all the new features.

  18. Anorexic Leader says:

    Halo 3 is officially out, and my 360 has not officially returned from Repair. This Bites! However, I have good friends, so I’m playing at a buddy’s house all day tomorrow….Keep on Fraggin’ Trucks!

  19. Killazilla says:

    OMG I was in line with Webshift1, an Admin over at ABO. He is so awesome.

  20. Quigs 10190 says:

    I have freaking school and didn’t go to the midnight party. Luckily i pre-ordered.
    7 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. marooner says:

    I am very jelous, knowing that everybody is playing it while i am here waiting a whole extra day!!! it really sucks, you cannot imagine the jelousy i am feeling!!! >:( :'(

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