Halo 3 – coming to everywhere near you!

Today, the folks at Xbox Family (xboxfamily.com) published an intercepted e-mail from Microsoft that includes the various ways that the company will be marketing Halo 3 to the public in the coming months. It looks like come August, you won’t be able to turn your head without seeing something Halo-related!

Mountain Dew – Game Fuel

  • The promotions team is partnering with Mountain Dew to create a new Dew drink called Game Fuel inspired by Halo 3
  • Game Fuel is a customized, limited-time “Halo 3-themed” Dew beverages that contains 30% more caffeine and a citrus cherry twist
  • Game Fuel will come in 20-ounce bottles, two-liter bottles and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans (~40M) and distributed nationwide at ~150K outlets
  • Additional support includes TV and online advertising, street teams, and press distribution of the drink

7-11 Program

  • Halo 3 will be featured on Slurpees with 3 collectible linticular cups
  • Dew will be creating special aluminum bottles of Game Fuel for distribution at 7-11
  • Halo 3 will also be included on Doritos packs at 7-11 with a sweepstakes to be a voice actor in Halo Wars


  • The team is also working with Pontiac who will be promoting Halo 3 along with their new high
  • performance Pontiac G6 launch
  • Pontiac will create events just prior to launch
  • We will be partnering for a chance to win a Limited Edition Halo 3 G6 car
  • Additional support includes TV advertising

Burger King

  • We are also partnering with Burger King who will be promoting Halo 3 with Survival Kits sold nationwide for 10 weeks during Sept and Oct
  • On King Size upgrades, consumers will receive their food and drink in Halo 3-themed packaging.
  • Additional support include sweepstakes, drive thru POP, and other activities

That’s in addition to the other branded materials and products already coming to the market, like the Halo 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 controllers, the Halo 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console, Halo 3 Limited Edition wireless headset and Halo 3 Xbox Live subscription cards. So, as a Halo fan, what do you think? Is this a good thing, seeing the Halo brand spread so far and wide? Or has it become overkill with Master Chief car commercials and happy meals?

[i]More at Xbox Family (Thanks HBO)[/i]

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11 Responses to Halo 3 – coming to everywhere near you!

  1. tubaguhbluba says:

    SWEET! Wow, Halo 3 is gonna be surrounding us in September

  2. CrimsonViper says:


  3. marooner says:

    wow i never thoguht i would see the day… but it turns out i will :D

  4. Legendary Hooligan says:

    awesome!!! unfortunately i never go to 7-11 or Burger King… i’m for Speedway and wendy’s. aw crap.

  5. ClownX says:

    NEEYAW! I was going to forum this… 6 hours too late…

    I think I’m going to start going to BK and 7-11 more often. Seriously. Marketing blitz, or marketing blitzkrieg?

  6. iNOOB says:

    microsoft is really planning on halo 3 being a hit

  7. Gemini Ace says:

    I want the Pontiac G6. Hopefully it won’t be green like the Halo 3 Xbox 360.

  8. Hoogs says:

    Fricking awesome. They really are putting a lot of faith in this game, I just hope it will deliver…wait, what am I talking about? Of course it will!

  9. Duffman X18 says:

    Super special awesome!

  10. a surly hobo says:

    Uhh, they are the same thing.

  11. Timm says:

    Thats awesome! and 30% mor caffiene in mountain dew…just what we need lol….people are gonna be waiting in line on september 25 bouncing off the walls

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